Let me be clear

A recent discussion on the Accuquilt GO Yahoo group makes me want to clearly state that the information I share on my blog about things I’ve purchased and love ARE NOT recommendations for everyone to go out and purchase the same items.

I love my GO, my Kindle, my iPad, my electric bike but they all fit me and how I do things, you may not find them as wonderful or as useful. So what you read here is all about ME and what works for ME.

The recent discussion on the GO is about getting inaccurate cuts. You may remember some comments I made a while back after Angie commented that she wasn’t happy with the accuracy of her GO and found it didn’t work for her.

I understand that fabric unlike paper has stretch and if you roll it through the machine you may get less than perfect cuts but as I always tell people, Accuquilt has tips for better cutting on their website and grain does make a difference to how accurate your results will be.

So I started piecing a quilt today — I’d cut these bricks mainly from scraps and hadn’t paid a lot of attention to grain line so I’m not surprised that they’re off a little bit BUT I’ve made hundreds of Rail Fence blocks and mine are always off some because I sew with a slightly generous 1/4 inch seam so my blocks always need a little trimming and I’m OK with that. See that edge not lining up?

A little trim and the block is good — slightly undersized but hey, there are no points to worry about here.

And just to show how being careful to cut on the lengthwise grain makes a difference …. both were cut with the GO but the one on the right was cut from a scrap and I didn’t pay attention to grain. (I also didn’t pay attention to how I rotated the ruler when I was showing the difference — these are 3.5 x 6.5 inch blocks not 8.5 inches)

But in this quilt — I don’t care. I make well constructed quilts but I don’t worry about being perfect. In this case, I make sure my centers come together correctly, and then square up the block.

Let’s face it, if I was into perfection, I would be sub-cutting all these strips first and not sewing them and then whacking them off with my scissors.

And yes, even I use a seam ripper occasionally when I rotate a block the wrong way.

Even with the extra time to trim up these blocks, the GO cutter saves me SO much time when I’m cutting scrap quilts. AND when I’m careful about my grain and how I feed the fabric through the cutter my cuts are certainly as accurate as they’d be if I were rotary cutting.

And for those of you who took the time to read this whole long winded post … here’s my Forest Bricks in progress.

16 thoughts on “Let me be clear

  1. Robin

    Thanks for this kind of post. I have found that some people believe that because something is right for you or for me it will be just right for them as well. Not always true especially with quilting since it is a creative process where we each have our own standards and range of acceptability. Your blog is a Great RESOURCE and helps motivate me, but when I have an idea that might be better for my way of doing things, I adapt tbe process.

  2. Vicki W

    I love your forest bricks! The Go is sure making up some quick kits that are trimming my stash and getting free pre-cut fabric to my Mom’s guild for the quilts for the orphanage.

  3. millie

    Mary, I love your forest Brick blocks.
    About the Go…you are sharing what you love. The Go is there to make cutting faster. I am not making quilts for quilt shows, but to use and enjoy my quilts and to give them away. I love to visit your blog for ideas and inspiration. I enjoy all your Go patterns and would love to make all of them.

  4. Janette

    I don’t have a GO…yet, but I appreciate your helpful review. I love your forest bricks!!! Your fabric choices are great!

  5. Elaine/MuddlingThrough

    I like your new quilt start. It’s going to be a stunner. I think I’d like a GO, but I’m pretty sure I’ll never be willing to fork out that much money. But I surely do agree with you about doing it your own way. I know not everyone (probably not much of anybody) makes quilts like I do, but the way I do it works for me. I have fun, and I’ll bet you do, too. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

  6. Aubrey

    I love your site because you quilt like I do. You do a good job but don’t worry about being perfect.

    This new quilt is beautiful!

  7. AnnieO

    Great tips for GO users–of which I hope to be if I ever win one of those darn things, LOL! It’s great that quilters and crafters like you are so generous with your hints and what works for you. I have also seen lots of bloggers recommend U-Tube videos.

    I love your new quilt! I just made a strippie quilt from your pattern files for a 1 year old grand-nephew. It was quick and easy, came out really cute with the addition of some big initials I cut out of furry fleece.

  8. QuiltSue

    That was an interesting post, thanks Mary. I love your new quilt, it looks a great one to use up scraps while still keeping them under control with one other colour.

  9. Michele in TN

    Well, I have a GO, but haven’t had a chance to use it yet because my DH is still in the process of finishing my sewing studio. Most of my toys are packed away, but I am anxious to try it. Even if the GO is not perfectly accurate, I can guarantee it will be more accurate than my rotary cutting! lol! Thanks for sharing your ideas, Mary. Love your latest quilts.

  10. Tanya

    I guess a few seams that don’t match or a few edges that don’t line up don’t bother me too much. Even so, I sure would like to try some of these fancy machines that cut fabric! I wonder if I’ll ever…

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