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Fall is my favorite season

I was sitting outside reading this afternoon when I realized that my tree is already changing colors – I’m so excited, I can’t wait until I’m surrounded by the glorious colors of Autumn….and look my summer flowers are still in bloom too.

And just because I couldn’t resist trying to take better photos of the Homespun quilts (both were finished and photographed late at night) here they are again.

I love these Homespun quilts

I’m done with the binding on the second Homespun quilt. This one a HeartStrings quilt that will also be donated next week in Maine and will go to a veterans home. Both of these quilts were made in honor of my father-in-law who was from Portland and veteran.

I just love the texture the freehand Baptist Fan quilting give this one.

Simple quilting

This top Mom pieced for our annual Christmas donation to her church got Clamshell quilting with my Circle Lord template (I left out the “grass”). It’s a lap size quilt and the simple quilting keeps it soft and cuddly. One nice thing about this quilt is that I’m done — it goes back to Mom for binding.

Are you enjoying Fall yet?

I’ve had gorgeous weather here and just want to be outside so I took a bike ride this afternoon to my favorite spot by the river….carried my new Kindle and spent an hour out there reading before heading home to more backings and binding.

I managed to finish the binding on my Drunkard’s Path quilt tonight — this quilt will be going to Maine with me in a week for donation and I love how it turned out.

It’s a busy time of year

I’m just getting home and Keith is leaving tomorrow so we spent the day together – brunch, a few errands, and then out on the bikes. Another 17 miles today and my battery is still showing a full charge….It’s funny that just knowing it’s there if I need it makes me a lot more confident going further distances.

Did you notice that Keith has a helmet too – to get to the Cedar Lake Trail, we have to ride a short way on the roads downtown so now we’re both protected.

Fabric postcards

Do make fabric postcards? I think of them as a mini art project that I work on once a month and then exchange with my family. Usually I’m only required to make one per month but at Christmas we have the option to make one for all the participants…this year we have 11 so I’ll need 10 cards to send and since I get bored if I’m making too many of the same ones….I bought this magazine for inspiration. I frequently find ideas in card making books that can be translated into fabric.

More photos from Chris

The photos with Caleb from my journal page were taken by Chris…as were these tonight. Can you tell we had a fun dinner at a Mexican restaurant? When I asked for the “large” beer I had no idea it would be SO big!

Killing time

What do you do? Earlier I was reading while waiting for Chris but I’m not to the point in my book when I can’t put it down so….I worked up instructions for a QOV I want to make one of these days. When I get home, I’ll use EQ7 to write rotary cutting directions and then post them on my but here’s the iPad version

Tessellating Pinwheels (I’ll make this scrappy with lots of reds, whites, and blues)

Quilt without borders 40×56
Quilt size with borders is 52 x 68

8 inch finished block (8.5 with seam allowances)

Using my 4 inch finished half square triangle and 4 inch finished quarter square triangle Accuquilt Go dies

Inner border cut 2.5 inches
Outer border cut 4.5 inches

Which pinwheels do you see? The red,white, or blue ones?

Too little time

Lunch with my boys

Results August 2010

Not a bad month, I feel a little more caught up.

Quilts completed ( bound and labeled) – 8
Tops quilted – 8
Tops pieced – 1

More about the bike

We did a bit of exploring today — took the Cedar Lake trail which we hadn’t used before to the Chain of Lakes and rode around Lake Calhoun and then back downtown. The ride was 15.5 miles and while I did use a little assist mainly coming home against the wind, my battery indicated 4 of 4 dots still lit indicating a pretty full charge left.

I know I look a little goofy with the helmet but I decided that it would be a good idea with the new bike.

I’ve had several questions about the bike that I’ll try to answer here. The brand is Schwinn the model is World GSE electric bike and it is a pedal assist only …. unlike other bikes that will power themselves without pedaling, you must pedal to go.

The other key feature of the bike is that when I’m not using the assist, the bike is not unusually hard to pedal so I can comfortably use it without any help.

When I’m using the assist, I keep the bike in a high gear so I’m having to still put some effort into pedaling but the result is that I go a lot faster than if I was pedaling on my own, meaning I’m able to keep up with Keith if he’s riding hard.

If I got particularly tired, I could ride in a lower gear and increase the level of assist but so far I’m liking  low assist  (or no assist) with me still doing a decent amount of the work … so yes, you can still get exercise doing it.

Can you guess where we went?

We’ve been here in MN for just about 4 years so I think it was time we experienced the State Fair. We only stayed about 3 hours but that was enough to give us a good taste …. then we came home and took the bikes out. I love being able to go on the longer rides again.

I did it!

We went to test drive the electric bikes and I took one home with me!

Learning something new……

Yesterday’s prompt had to do with feet so of course, learning to knit socks came to mind right away. I won’t post my pages everyday but you can find all of them at this link.

If you’re interested in more information about my sock knitting, click on the “Socks” tab at the top of the blog.

One more post today…

My shower is done except for one small piece that has to be added to the frame but we can use it in the morning.

I’ve got the two quilts for Maine trimmed and ready for binding tomorrow. The bin below has trimmings from the last few quilts….I need to use the GO cutter to trim them into useable shapes! New dies arrived today but I haven’t opened them yet. Aren’t you impressed with my discipline?

ArtTree ~ Another iPad app

This one may seem silly but it allows you to set a few parameters and then it randomly draws trees. I love trees so I like to watch them grow….and I will use this to generate some ideas for my postcards. Here are a few screen shots I took of some of the trees.

Oops the resolution isn’t very high on those trees….let’s try this one.


It will be a long time before I get around to making my Green and Blue Stars so I was happy to get an email from Mom showing me the first block she’s completed. Sometimes I feel like I have way more ideas for quilts than I’ll ever have time to piece…..maybe I need a ghost piecer kind of like James Patterson uses ghost writers!

A Labor Day quilting retreat

Over at HeartStrings, some of our members are participating in a virtual retreat this holiday weekend and are making blocks to send in for group quilts but as much as I’d like to join them, I need to get a couple quilts done before the Maine sew-in that’s coming fast.

I started early today and quilted my 2nd Homespun quilt I need to get finished. Next up will be binding for both of them.

Quilted with a pantograph – Seaweed. I love the texture of it on this quilt.

If you’d like to join HeartStrings in making blocks this weekend, click this link: Guidelines for HeartStrings blocks.

If you’d like to make your own version of this Drunkard’s Path quilt, instructions are on my site.

Another outing with Susan and Wendi

Breakfast first and after Susan showed us her current quilt in progress made with vintage blocks, we went to SR Harris and Quilted Treasures Quilt shop. I thought it was very fun to cut my own fabrics at SR Harris!

Sorry for the blurred photos…I was using the cell phone.