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One last top quilted

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Another top of Mom’s quilted quickly with the Halcyon pantograph I used on the last top. I’m sorry ┬áthat the piecing pattern doesn’t show up very well in this photo – this is a kit from Connecting Threads but rather than leaving the big open white space in the middle, I had Mom piece more half square triangles.

Look at that texture and yes, I quilted right over the applique but you can’t see my thread – it’s a cream thread that blends well with her fabrics.

Another check mark!

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I love marking things off my list even if it’s a rather modest “to do” list of things I wanted to accomplish between my trip to GA last week and my trip to Maine on Sunday.

Mom pieced this top using my Lattice instructions. It was cut with Accuquilt GO using the 6.5 inch half square triangle and the 1.5 inch strip die.

Quilted with the pantograph Halcyon.

This one will go to Mom along with the one I did earlier in the week for binding and they’ll be donated through her church at Christmas.

My reward for accomplishing another thing on my list is to head out for a late lunch and a little walk….maybe a stop at the coffee shop on the way home. It’s a cool day so I may even pull out a sweatshirt. I love fall!

My sewing room addition

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My sewing room gets direct sun all day and it’s on the our 3rd story so it can get pretty warm. After our first summer here I bought a ceiling fan (over a year ago) and am just now getting it installed. I love the fan and while the light fixture looks good – it doesn’t provide a lot of light — luckily I have 3 different OTT lights that provide my task lighting and it won’t be a problem.

And you know how you can see something everyday without really SEEING it? I have this lovely carved quilt block in my sewing room made for me by my uncle and just realized that it’s the same block I used in the Tessellating Pinwheel Quilt.

Killing more time

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I don’t like to be interrupted while I’m working so I’m killing time today waiting for some electrical work to be done and decided I’d write up the instructions for my Tessellating Pinwheel quilt.

Most of the time I work up a quilt in a colorway but don’t take the time to make the drawing scrappy. So here’s the drawing for the instructions.

Here’s my block just to “test” my GO dies. The quilt uses the 4.5 inch half square and the 4.5 inch quarter square triangle dies but I included rotary cutting instructions too.

Which lead to me to stop and think how I’m going to make this quilt scrappy — do I want to make each block using just 3 different fabrics like my test block …. or go scrappier. I’m pretty sure I’ll go with the scrappiest version like this one using many fabrics in each block.

Of course, I’m doing a lot more drafting of quilts than actually piecing them these days as I try to work through quilting and binding the ones I have here but a girl can dream!

A change in plans

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I’d intended ┬áto quilt the second donation top from Mom today but I had turquoise thread on the machine so decided I’d quilt this String Tumbler top of mine.

I used the Pampas Clamshell template from Circle Lord again but this time I quilted the “grass” too. I have to say I stressed about the wobbles from bouncing around in the grooves while I was quilting this but when I’m done and it’s off the machine, I don’t notice them nearly as much.

I cut the tumblers with my Accuquilt GO and there are instructions for making this quilt at my site.