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Happy Halloween!

Celebrating an anniversary

This fall marks my 10th year as a quilter! I have no clue how many quilts I’ve actually made although I could probably come close to the number if I stopped to take a look through all my records and the blog – maybe I will one day but not today.

We had a discussion in Nebraska about our favorite quilt patterns and since then I’ve given it a little more thought. I think based on quilts I’ve made over the years I probably have three favorites that I tend to make over and over although I do like to make different variations of them.

Log Cabins, Nine Patches, and String quilts would top my list of favorites.

Below Keith is pictured on our picnic quilt — a Log Cabin that was probably the 3rd quilt I’d ever made. Note that even then, I had to put my own spin and rotated the blocks in a non-traditional layout. This quilt stays with my bike so we always have a quilt to pull out and sit on.

Which patterns are on your list of favorites?

A day without travel!

After driving to PA yesterday to visit my Aunt and Uncle, we spent the day at Ann’s today which was nice because we head back to Mom’s tomorrow.

It’s been a good trip because I’ve been able to see 4 of my 5 siblings….luckily I’ll get to see Deb in a few weeks as we’ll both be back to see Mom then.

Ben had homecoming tonight so I snapped photos of him with his parents and grandmother.

How we work

I find I fall somewhere in between those quilters who do a lot of chain piecing and those who work slower and rarely use strip sets.

I like watching my quilts grow on my design wall so I do a little cutting, a little strip piecing, make a few blocks — toss them up on the wall and start the process again. I don’t have the patience to cut out entire quilts from start to finish, or to piece all my block parts all at once before starting to assemble my blocks.

Some people don’t use strip piecing for scrap quilts but I find that using short strip sets works well for me – they’re quicker and still allow me to get a quilt that’s plenty scrappy.

The next time I sit down to this quilt, I’ll sew these into 16 patch and pinwheel blocks and then cut some more.

I did finally make it out of the airport

Well, it was 2:30 AM by the time I made it to my Mom’s. My poor brother refused to let me get a cab and came out to the airport that late to pick me up. He’s so good to me!

Thursday, Mom and I drove up to my sister’s house in Maryland for a visit.

A special package

Just before leaving town, a box arrived from Julie with these quilts and top. I’ll quilt the string top and make sure all 3 get donated. Thanks so much Julie!

You can click on any of the photos for a larger view.

As requested

I’ve had several requests for instructions for my Forest Bricks quilt and finally got them written up before my trip. This is an easy one, especially if you eliminate the borders as I did because I had so many extra blocks. Instructions are included for both versions.

Standing Room Only

One flight delayed, two flights cancelled, there are two more chances to get out of Atlanta tonight…wish me luck!

Once I found a seat, I pulled out the socks. Maybe I can finish the foot.

Am I’m boring you?

On the quilting front, not much is going on except a couple hours here and there working on my 16 Patch and Pinwheel blocks.

In spite of the rain, I did get out for a short walk … to dinner and the coffee shop. I love how they’ve got trees that turn early and trees that turn late here in our neighborhood — it stretches the beauty of Autumn out over a longer period. We have trees that are completely bare and then these beautiful trees just now turning gold.

Laundry and packing on the agenda for the rest of the night. My flight is early tomorrow so I had to take Chesty this evening for boarding….it’s quiet here without him.

Groomer in training

Poor Chesty, when I travel a lot getting him to the groomers can be a challenge so I decided today to buy a shaver to let me clean him up a bit in between grooming appointments.  Poor baby, he LOOKS like someone practiced on him — I just hope the other dogs don’t make fun of him when I take him for boarding tomorrow.

He also got a new sweater!


Are you going to take part in Judy’s sock knit along in November? I’ve got to finish up this pair in the next few days so I can start a new pair. She’s going to use the same method I use — two at a time on two circular needles. Click the “Socks” tab at the top of the page to see the book and needles I use.

I’m home …for now

Drove back from Nebraska today…just in time for Sunday Night Football. Go Vikings!

I leave again in 2 days and haven’t even thought about what I might get done other than unpacking, laundry, and repacking. Maybe a little piecing??

You know I love it!

We were a small group today at the Nebraska HeartStrings sew-in but we had a great time and got 7 quilts tied and bound.

On the Road again!

This time to Nebraska for a HeartStrings sew-in.

And since I was in Fremont, I drove by Accuquilt to see my Barn Quilt in person.

My current piecing project

Just in case you’d forgotten, I’m working on a scrappy version of my 16 patch and Pinwheels quilt. I just love these blocks! I didn’t work all that long today and most of my time was spent making half square triangles but I did get a few more blocks up on the design wall.

Home but sick!

Why is it that I seem to get ill on vacation?

I ran to the post office and the grocery store but other than that I’ve been curled up on the sofa in front of the TV. Since I had technical difficulties with my blogging app during vacation, I thought I’d share a few more photos from our week. If anyone is interested there are lots more in my online album but let me warn you, along with some great scenery photos — there are tons of family  photos that will probably bore you to death!

Golden Gate Park

Yesterday Chris talked Keith into a game of Disk Golf at Golden Gate Park. Becky kept score for them and I cheered Keith on. Today we’re on our way home.

Celebrating Chris’ birthday today

A visit to Muir Woods and a wine tasting tour. I think the butterfly was my favorite photo of the day although I loved the trees too.

San Francisco!!

One of my favorite cities. I was having some technical difficulties posting from the train but have lots of photos to sort and upload eventually once I get home. In the meantime, here are a few from today.

Rain then snow now sunshine. The views are great today.