Groomer in training

Poor Chesty, when I travel a lot getting him to the groomers can be a challenge so I decided today to buy a shaver to let me clean him up a bit in between grooming appointments.  Poor baby, he LOOKS like someone practiced on him — I just hope the other dogs don’t make fun of him when I take him for boarding tomorrow.

He also got a new sweater!

14 thoughts on “Groomer in training

  1. Linda in NE

    You just tell Chesty he looks cute no matter the condition of his hair cut. And his new sweater looks really spiffy.

  2. Angie

    Chesty looks very handsome in his new sweater! I clip Boots all the time now because going to the groomers makes her very nervous. The vet thought it would be best. I bought a set of pro clippers a couple of years ago. She gets a new do about every 6 wks. Safe travels!

  3. Deb Levy

    Other than the couple bare spots he looks pretty good,lol! I can laugh because you should have seen Chloe when I first started clipping her….very sad.

    She just got so she was too nervous going to the groomer and the vet said I needed to learn to do it myself. I did and now I can do a pretty decent cut. You will too with just a little practice.

  4. Lori in SD/NE

    Having a willing victim, uhh, dog is half the battle. Well, a bigger dog does make it a bit easier!

  5. Marina Louw

    You did a better job than what I would have done, I only trim the hair around my dogs’ eyes and that is a mission, I think the grooming people have a hard time to do damage controll after I did my bit LOL Love Chesty’s new coat! Hope you enjoy you trip!

  6. Marcy

    I have 2 Westies and have always groomed them. I have to hand strip, which is time consuming, but it is bonding time and I always get good comments from people. They do not want to go to a groomer, let alone be boarded. Mine would go crazy being boarded as much as yours. I cry whenever I have to leave them. They travel with us a lot and luckily, many places are dog friendly.

  7. Gari

    The first time we did that to one of our dogs he walked around with his tail between his legs for two days. We felt so sorry for him.

  8. Evelyn

    My sister has a shitzu named Yoko and her husband always thought she paid way too much for grooming – until he tried his hand at it himself, LOL. After that 1 home haircut – Yoko now goes to the groomer. There is more to grooming a dog than first meets the eye, I guess. Now here is a funny thing – my 7 year old son cuts my husbands hair with the buzzers and he does a great job. Maybe some people just have more talent than others? Who knows. But Chesty’s hair will grow out and in the meantime he is sporting a nice looking sweater there! Cheers! Evelyn

  9. Sandi in Vermont

    I have been grooming our 10 year old standard poodle myself since she was a little puppy. At first I only used scissors and then bought the electric clippers. My favorite comment for any mistakes is “it will grow out”. It is amazing sometimes just how fast their hair grows. You will think he looks better by the time you get back.

  10. Tanya

    Ah, my brother’s poor dog got a homemade grooming and he (the dog) NEEDED a sweater to hide the bloopers. Middle of the summer so he couldn’t hide it after all..

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