Am I’m boring you?

On the quilting front, not much is going on except a couple hours here and there working on my 16 Patch and Pinwheel blocks.

In spite of the rain, I did get out for a short walk … to dinner and the coffee shop. I love how they’ve got trees that turn early and trees that turn late here in our neighborhood — it stretches the beauty of Autumn out over a longer period. We have trees that are completely bare and then these beautiful trees just now turning gold.

Laundry and packing on the agenda for the rest of the night. My flight is early tomorrow so I had to take Chesty this evening for boarding….it’s quiet here without him.

7 thoughts on “Am I’m boring you?

  1. Patty E

    Can[t wait to see this one finished. I’ve been thinking about doing one myself for quite awhile. Just hate having to match all the intersections. Just now beginning to get cool enough in the evenings for the trees to start to turn colors. We won’t have a very colorful fall this year because the rain and wind hit first. Still better than 100+ degrees though, so no complaints

  2. Marilyn

    We get about 2 trees that turn colors. They even took a picture and put it in the newspaper! How funny is that?

    You are not boring me šŸ™‚ We all go through seasons with our crafting, traveling and life. I enjoy reading about it all!

  3. Judith

    This is a nice one, gonna look good when it’s finished.
    We are getting a bit of rain here now too. The trees don’t seem to turn colour here just the odd few. Most of the trees are olives and fir trees.

  4. Cyndi Holguin

    You never bore me. I love comeing back to see what you are up too. Have fun for me. K. still waiting on John to get better Now the Dr. says maybe by December. šŸ™‚ Gotta Love it.

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