Standing Room Only

One flight delayed, two flights cancelled, there are two more chances to get out of Atlanta tonight…wish me luck!

Once I found a seat, I pulled out the socks. Maybe I can finish the foot.

8 Responses to “Standing Room Only”

  • Oh dear! I hope you are able to leave but more important, I hope you brought more yarn–just in case! I think airports need yarn shops. 😉 Love those socks!

  • Don’t worry, at least you have a glass of wine!!! Seriously, hope you get a flight out soon.

  • Good Luck! Although looks like you have a good set up there – wine, and your socks! Enjoy.

  • Gosh, we’ve had terrible thunderstorms this evening. It never dawned on me what this would be doing to flights in and out. Hope you are home soon!

  • Hope you get out…that weather is really screwing up travel a lot of places. Though with wine and socks to knit, at least you’ll have something to do while you wait.

  • Marilyn:

    Hope that you get out of there tonight, Mary. The socks look great ,
    but that glass of wine looks even better.

  • Sara:

    Ironic – one of my coworkers has also been stranded in Atlanta airport today. When I talked to her around 4:00 PM she was still waiting. And she is also a knitter and quilter. My guess is if she saw you knitting she probably would have come over to talk to you.

  • Marina Louw:

    Hope you managed to get to Atlanta, without a bumpy flight. I hate to fly when the weather is like that, I get real sick!

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