Standing Room Only

One flight delayed, two flights cancelled, there are two more chances to get out of Atlanta tonight…wish me luck!

Once I found a seat, I pulled out the socks. Maybe I can finish the foot.

8 thoughts on “Standing Room Only

  1. Judy D

    Oh dear! I hope you are able to leave but more important, I hope you brought more yarn–just in case! I think airports need yarn shops. 😉 Love those socks!

  2. Deb Levy

    Hope you get out…that weather is really screwing up travel a lot of places. Though with wine and socks to knit, at least you’ll have something to do while you wait.

  3. Marilyn

    Hope that you get out of there tonight, Mary. The socks look great ,
    but that glass of wine looks even better.

  4. Sara

    Ironic – one of my coworkers has also been stranded in Atlanta airport today. When I talked to her around 4:00 PM she was still waiting. And she is also a knitter and quilter. My guess is if she saw you knitting she probably would have come over to talk to you.

  5. Marina Louw

    Hope you managed to get to Atlanta, without a bumpy flight. I hate to fly when the weather is like that, I get real sick!

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