How we work

I find I fall somewhere in between those quilters who do a lot of chain piecing and those who work slower and rarely use strip sets.

I like watching my quilts grow on my design wall so I do a little cutting, a little strip piecing, make a few blocks — toss them up on the wall and start the process again. I don’t have the patience to cut out entire quilts from start to finish, or to piece all my block parts all at once before starting to assemble my blocks.

Some people don’t use strip piecing for scrap quilts but I find that using short strip sets works well for me – they’re quicker and still allow me to get a quilt that’s plenty scrappy.

The next time I sit down to this quilt, I’ll sew these into 16 patch and pinwheel blocks and then cut some more.

3 thoughts on “How we work

  1. kathie

    I am with you. I usually don’t have the patience to cut out a whole quilt at once unless I want to package it up and have it ready for a sew in or retreat.

  2. Angie

    I’m just the opposite, Mary. I love the cutting out process! and the idea of having a certain patterns all cut out and ready to sew on. I think i started this due to the twice a year quilt retreats I attend. I can’t cut at retreat, too many interruptions, and I loose my train of thought, same here at home sometimes too. So, I find a quiet time, and just start cutting, pinning and labeling all the various components of the blocks and then put them in a rubbermaid container, labeled and ready to start sewing. I pick out all the fabrics ahead of time too, and keep them in the container with the pattern. So, when I want to cut, everything is ready. I have way too many quilt patterns (some of your lovely patterns!)—so this process is certainly ongoing, and never ending! :o)

  3. Gari

    I don’t like cutting so I tend to do most of it early on, just to get it over with. But I go back and forth on chain piecing. I also like to begin putting stuff on the wall. It’s kind of like painting with fabric.

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