Celebrating an anniversary

This fall marks my 10th year as a quilter! I have no clue how many quilts I’ve actually made although I could probably come close to the number if I stopped to take a look through all my records and the blog – maybe I will one day but not today.

We had a discussion in Nebraska about our favorite quilt patterns and since then I’ve given it a little more thought. I think based on quilts I’ve made over the years I probably have three favorites that I tend to make over and over although I do like to make different variations of them.

Log Cabins, Nine Patches, and String quilts would top my list of favorites.

Below Keith is pictured on our picnic quilt — a Log Cabin that was probably the 3rd quilt I’d ever made. Note that even then, I had to put my own spin and rotated the blocks in a non-traditional layout. This quilt stays with my bike so we always have a quilt to pull out and sit on.

Which patterns are on your list of favorites?

16 thoughts on “Celebrating an anniversary

  1. Tanya

    Wow, that’s a pretty nice quilt to be using for picnic! I have a picnic quilt too but mine is a REALLY old, REALLY strange color combination, REALLY no one would want to look at it too long type of quilt!

  2. Evelyn

    Oh, for sure my favorite is the log cabin and I have made many! I like to start with a bigger center square and that gets you a bigger quilt in a quick hurry! I like checkerboard borders for using the left over scrap/strips from the log cabins. 9 patches & 16 patches are also favorites. Another pattern I like alot is the square in a square – especially good if you want to feature a pattern with a neat print. These oldie but goodies will never go out of style and I think people are naturally drawn to them if their grandparents had any such quilts around. Happy quilt anniversary! Cheers! Evelyn

  3. kathie

    Happy quilt anniversary. I have been quilting 12 years this fall. Favorite pattern, I guess I love the 9 patch combined with a snowball and I always seem to go back to the warm wishes quilt.

  4. KimP

    I would have thought you would have been quilting for way more than 10 years! Your work is awesome! I haven’t made a log cabin quilt yet, but its on my list of things to do.

  5. JoAnne in Keller, TX

    Happy quilt anniversary, Mary. Only 10 years! I would have thought longer – you’re so prolific. I’ve been quilting around 20 years and love log cabin quilts, scrap quilts and miniatures.

  6. Elaine Adair

    Funny timing. I’ve just finished a “rebuilt” Log Cabin yesterdy and will be posting it today. It started out so homely and ordinary, using whatever was in the scrap drawer, but I just KNEW that when quilted it would be wonderful — and I LOVE it now. “Quilting makes the Quilt.”

    Thanks Mary for all the visual stimulation you show us, in addition to the many gifts of love you send to others. 8-))

  7. Cheri

    My favorite may have changed this morning. I tried a 3D bow tie and loved it…loved sewing it and the pattern. I just went to make one from a tute that I’d seen and before I knew it I’d made ten. Yours is awfully good looking for a picnic blanket!

  8. Margie

    I have been quilting for about 25 years and I’ll bet you have made more quilts.
    I dabble in a little of every type of quilting, but when I am doing tradional it frequently involves some kind of half square triangle.

  9. Jay in Nebraska

    Like at the Nebraska sew-in I decided to think more about it. I decided my favorite quilts are the ones that I have made the both of.
    Grandmother’s Flower Garden – 10
    Double Wedding Ring – 5
    Nine Patch – 15

    But I digress and think its the Flower Garden, and because of that I started another this week!

  10. Dawn

    OK, are you talking bicycle, or motorcycle? Because I’m trying to figure out how you keep a quilt on/with a bicycle! But I love your “flair” on the quilt!

  11. Gari

    I guess my favorite to make is the D9P as I have made 5 or 6 of them, most were charity quilts. But otherwise, I love the log cabin (made 2)because it is what I have always thought of as “a traditional quilt.”

  12. Darlene B

    My favorite quilt pattern is the log cabin. It’s the first pattern I learned, and I have the cutest fall pumpkin log cabin table runner pattern that is my absolute all-time favorite. Love your picnic quilt!

  13. Kathy

    I’d have to say that the 9-patch is my favorite, with the log cabin right behind it. I like traditional quilt patterns, particularly ones that allow me to strip cut/piece. Although I have just learned a quick and easy way to cut triangles … and as I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE quilts with triangles, I may have some new favorites before too long! ha!

  14. Sarah

    I’m a fence rail girl. I’ve tried other patterns, but the one I constantly make, with slightly different variations, is the fence rail.

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