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Leaving Denver

It’s a rainy morning.

Day one

Lots of farmland and crossing the Mississippi.

The first step of the journey

Breakfast in Chicago and now we’re getting ready to board the train and head west across the Rockies.

Playing with Quilt Ideas

Since finishing the Forest Bricks quilt I’ve been thinking about how an Autumn version would look. I thought I’d do this one a little differently and use bricks and 3 inch squares. The drawing is not to scale… It will need more rows to bring it up to a useable size but this is enough to spark my memory when I get home.

A quick start

It’s almost time for me to leave on another trip but in between the Habitat stuff and getting ready, I decided to start another top. I’ve had a multi colored version of my 16 Patch and Pinwheels on “the list” for quite a while so it feels good to finally get started on it.

Exhausted – again!

Well it doesn’t seem to get much easier physically but I spent another full day on a Habitat built today.

I kind of have a love/not so much love relationship with volunteering to build. I love it when I’m working with someone who knows what they’re doing and they tell me what they need me to do ….when you’re working under someone who’s not very sure of what they’re doing  it’s a lot more difficult. However, I do love being a part of the process !

Habitat for Humanity

We had the opportunity to attend a gala tonight as part of this week’s events for the Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter Work Project of which Minneapolis/St Paul are one of 3 sites for the week. President Carter gave a very moving speech and stated that those of us who are fortunate enough to have the means have an obligation to help those who are less fortunate. If I could pinpoint one lesson I learned from my Dad and try to live, that would be it. Tomorrow I’ll spend the day on a construction site.

Aren’t the chocolate hammer and wrench cute??

My Forest Bricks top

A change in plan — I ended up making more blocks since I kept cutting green bricks for variety and I decided to leave the borders off — I’ll just bind it in the brown. That puts it in the 50’s to 70’s range that I like for the majority of my donation quilts.

I struggled to get a good photo of the top – I LOVE all the greens and the look of this top in person but it’s not photographing as well as I’d like. The second photo comes closer to what it looks like in person.

Poor Chesty

He had his shots yesterday and his back right leg is bothering him a lot – I hate to hear him crying. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow or I might have to take him back to let them look at it.

September 2010 Results

Thanks to the Maine sew-in this was a fairly productive month for me.

Tops pieced – 1

Tops quilted – 5

Quilts completed – 2

Quilts tied and completed in Maine (Rebecca sewed the bindings after I tied, trimmed, rolled and pinned the backing in place) – 12

On my design wall

Do you have a favorite shade of green? It appears that mine is olive green. When I started piecing this top I realized that I needed more light bricks to keep this from being too dark but today when I went back to work on it I realized that the majority of my bricks were shades of olive green so I spent time cutting some additional greens.

I’m not sure I’m loving it at this point but my goal is to include many shades of green. I’ve read that all greens go together but I’ve always found it challenging to make an all green quilt and use different shades. These blocks still need a lot of arranging, I’m just putting them up there as I finish piecing them.

I’m also working on knitting my socks … I figure if I’m going to participate in Judy’s November knit along I need to get this pair done. And look, more olive green here.

A new home

Adam and his family moved into their new home this weekend. He’s had a lot of changes in his life this past year but Keith and I are proud of him for working hard and embracing his new responsibilities.

At the water’s edge

Don’t you love a fire pit down by the water?!

Today’s outing

Up the coast to Split Rock State Park. We’ve been lucky and have managed to avoid the crowds.

More photos added to my online album.

It’s so beautiful!

I’m not sure that anything could be more wonderful…..being on the water and the beautiful colors of autumn.

It was a rainy day but I took some glorious photos.
Fall on the North Shore

Lake Superior

One day I will live on the water, this weekend we’re just visiting. Here’s the view just outside the door of our cabin ( our not so rustic cabin)