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Keith has meetings in the airport this afternoon so I’m killing time waiting for him to be done.

Recognize these? I’m doing the toe decreases on the second pair and they’re almost ready for closing. I know a lot of people don’t like the Kitchener stitch but it doesn’t bother me. The blue pair are ready for their toe decreases too so it won’t be long until I have 2 new pair of socks.

The wait is over

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At least Keith’s wait for his new quilt is over. When he comes down in the morning, it will be waiting for him.

I’ve mentioned before that on personal quilts I usually embroider my initials and the year as my label, Keith got a little extra on his.

I’ll need to get Keith to hold it up for a photo of the finished quilt but we’re heading out for Thanksgiving soon so it will have to wait until we’re home I think as tomorrow will be really busy.

Breakfast anyone?

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Yes, I sleep late so I had beer and pretzels for breakfast this morning (afternoon)

…. watching the Vikings lose.

A little hand stitching this afternoon and now I’m half way done with Keith’s binding and there’s a pot of homemade lentil soup on the stove. This will be my first attempt to use the new immersion blender. In the past, I’ve always made broth based soups so wish me luck or at least something edible!