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I made my deadline!!

Here’s the blue pair I started during JudyL’s knit-a-long….and as you see we have some company here today!

As nice as the poolside cabana

After a rainy drive on mountain roads in the dark, a glass of wine by the fire is a welcome reward. We’re at our condo in the North Georgia mountains for the rest of the week.

An unexpected surprise

Dinner with two of my favorite people. We were able to meet Chris and Becky for dinner before heading to our Big Canoe Condo.

One pair done!


Keith has meetings in the airport this afternoon so I’m killing time waiting for him to be done.

Recognize these? I’m doing the toe decreases on the second pair and they’re almost ready for closing. I know a lot of people don’t like the Kitchener stitch but it doesn’t bother me. The blue pair are ready for their toe decreases too so it won’t be long until I have 2 new pair of socks.

It’s all about the baby!

You should be able to click on the photo for a larger view (I hope). Splitting our time today between Adam’s house and the Ritz Carlton where we’re staying. Luckily they had satellite so we were able to watch the Vikings beat the Redskins!! Caleb was going for Pop’s beer….

Thanksgiving part 2

We flew to GA today and had a lovely holiday dinner fixed by our DIL Lindsey with a little help from Adam. I captured a couple photos of Pop and Caleb.

This is THE life!

Planning to spend the entire day poolside so Keith got a cabana for me.

My SIL and Niece will be joining me later and we’re all set for sun or shade.

Is anyone done with their socks?

My goal is to finish up the two pair I have in progress before I get home. So in addition to enjoying the Bloody Mary(s)…I knit on the plane on Wednesday.

Are you done with your socks?

Happy Thanksgiving!

I passed the camera off for a photo of me with Keith and look what I get….you’d think he’d be serious for half a second!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we ended ours in the hot tub overlooking the ocean (with a glass of wine of course)!