Socks again

Heel flaps are done and I’m ready to turn the heel….

I have to admit that reading about people having problems with the 2 at once on 2 circulars surprises me but also reminds me that we all learn differently. I find the instructions very straight forward but if you’re not one that learns from reading, I’d suggest you look for a class at a local yarn shop. Learning to knit socks regardless of what method you use is worth the effort and I’m so glad that I was inspired by Judy to teach myself how to knit them this year.

Of course, that doesn’t mean my socks don’t have flaws…. can you see the stitch I messed up?

How about now?

No one will see that flaw when I’m wearing them and frankly it won’t bother me much at all.

12 thoughts on “Socks again

  1. Mary P

    Thanks for showing the close-up with the flaw, Mary. I have an identical one in the sock I have on my needles. It’s encouraging to know that even knitters who are more experienced occasionally do the same thing. Maybe I’ll pick mine up again tonight and work some more one them.

  2. Judy D

    I love your socks! And a flaw, heck if someone notices that, their nose is too close to your feet. 🙂 I for one am happy I didn’t give up on the 2 circular method! I really like it now. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Beth

    I don’t knit and I’ve never had a pair of knitted socks – oh whoa is me! ( do you see the violins playing?! )
    they look lovely! so soft and warm looking – I would love to learn to knit — maybe someday! Right now I’m not sure the ‘craft’ room ( or my husband ) could handle one more hobby.
    Beth in Dallas

  4. Angie

    The socks are turning out beautifully! Awwh—that’s just a teenie little stitch flaw. Very difficult to see.

  5. Marina Louw

    I have a very dear friend, Heather, who says: “it adds character” if you make a little mistake. I love the colour of the wool and the pattern.

  6. Yvonne

    I love the pattern…..I might try two at a time again. I can’t seem to keep my yarns from getting tangles. Caleb is so sweet….he’s growing so fast.

  7. Cyndi Holguin

    Can you add a picture while you are in the process of connecting the flap I am trying to teach myself to knit. that is the part I am having trouble with. I can usually learn from instruction but lately i think I am having more senior moments that usual. Thank you. your pics help me understand the instructions some how.:)

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