Your first quilting book

I was answering a question last night and was suggesting that a new quilter invest in a basic quilting book. Even with all the information available on the web and in pattern books, I think a reference book is invaluable.

I taught myself to quilt and this was my first book, what was yours?

18 thoughts on “Your first quilting book

  1. Joanne H.

    That was my first quilting book too; and I’m pretty much self-taught as well. I’m really a visual person and this book was pretty good for me, with just a few exceptions. I remember taking a class at a “local” shop about two years after I started quilting and I took this book to class and made notes in it. Lots of “gray stuff” was cleared up for me at that class and I’ve pulled it out and used it many times over the years. It’s a great reference.

  2. Alison

    Mine was Quilting for People who don’t have Time to Quilt by Marti Michell. I see it was published in 1988, which was when I started quilting, it was very exciting at the time!

  3. Kathie L

    I had two. A beginning quilting book from Alex Anderson and some sort of other thrift store purchase that was something about country quilts.

  4. Vivian

    One of my first books was “Quilting School” by Reader’s Digest Books. I knew the minute I became interested in quilting that color and how to choose it was a big issue. This was the only book I found at the time that discussed color beyond the color wheel — they also talked about the effects of value, print size, even using stripes! It also had a very comprehensive library of quilt block designs.

    The other was Carol Doak’s “Your First Quilt Book (Or It Should Be!)”. Funny title but great book because it literally walked me through each step of making a quilt from beginning to end. Despite coming from a sewing background and watching endless hours of “Simply Quilts” when I went to make my first project I “froze”. This book guided me through it as if I was at a quilt class.

  5. Sheila

    I’m self-taught too, but I never invested in a book like yours. Even back in ’99 or shortly thereafter, I learned so much from the internet and groups like QuiltFrenzy. I think my first used book was Marti Michell’s Quilting for People Who Still Don’t Have Time to Quilt. My first quilt remains undone because I had no clue what I was doing–just saw a quilt or a picture and said, I can do that! (obviously not LOL) I will finish it someday as a reminder.

  6. Wendi in Galt

    I still use this one and I’ve been quilting for over 10 years…..”Better Homes & Gardens Complete Guide to Quilting”.

  7. Sharon

    I was given a copy of the Fons and Porter’s Complete guide and I have used it for everything. I am also self taught. I knew nothing about quarter inch seams, half square triangles or any other quilty things when I wanted to learn how.

  8. Karen Bonk

    I can’t remember what book was my first. I think I took classes to learn most of what I know. However, there is a new series of books that I am collecting that I think are invaluable. They are written by Harriet and Carrie Hargrave. The title is “Quilter’s Academy”. I bought vol 1-freshman year, and am reading it right now. There will be 6 total volumes. Only two are out right now. The books are written to advance your quilting skills from beginner to advanced. Believe me, I have learned things I didn’t know or were doing incorrectly from just this first volume! And no, I have no affiliation with the Hargraves or publisher, etc.

  9. Sara F

    My first quilt book was Eleanor Burns’ Quilt in a Day Diamond Log Cabin book. The book was part of a class that I took in a church basement in the mid 1980’s. I still have the teal and cream quilt that I made from that book. But I removed the ugly ruffled binding a couple of years ago and have never put new binding on. It fit the country feel of my house at the time. But not any longer!

  10. Kim

    My first quilting book was Mary Ellen Hopkin’s ” Its okay if you sit on my quilt book” It is still a great book and makes quilting simple.
    And she is a terrific speaker…….makes everyone laugh. when was that? Early 1980’s…..I know I two little kids and they are going to be 35 and 30 in Jan. :0)

    Happy Sewing

  11. Jill

    Mine was The Quilting Bible by Singer. I still refer to it on occasion because it teaches a couple different ways of binding that I’ve not seen other places.

  12. Renea

    Can’t really remember my first quilt book. I think I made up my own patterns in the beginning. I do have the book you pictured that I refer to for many of my questions or just like to browse through it.

  13. Gari

    My first quilting book was a TV show: Simply Quilts. I never even saw a quilting book until I had been quilting for about 3 years. I learned so much from that show and was inspired to “do my own thing,” something I never forgot.

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