Is anyone done with their socks?

My goal is to finish up the two pair I have in progress before I get home. So in addition to enjoying the Bloody Mary(s)…I knit on the plane on Wednesday.

Are you done with your socks?

5 Responses to “Is anyone done with their socks?”

  • Your socks are awesome!! Someday…I will learn to knit!

  • I just couldn’t figure this out by myself. So I found a lady that is going to teach me after the first of the year, lol.

  • I finished turning the heels on my pair after returning home from Thanksgiving dinner. Made a couple of mistakes because I have a different number of stitches than the book, AND I am used to a slightly different heel routine. Luckily I had an extra double pointed needle handy to help me switch stitches around!

    Need to keep working on these because I have several skeins of yarn waiting for MORE socks.

  • Let’s see, I finished the pair on the needles plus a pair of felted house slippers both are presents for DS. I started a pair for a present for a niece and am about halfway on that pair. Yeah, I knit fast.

  • I finished my pair – just have to weave the ends in! But I did 4 needles/one at a time. Still have the yarn, needles and book for your method – my sister is looking for her swift so she can wind my huge ball into 2 smaller balls. I am very happy to be done with my socks and can’t wait to wear them! Cheers! Evelyn

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