Keith has meetings in the airport this afternoon so I’m killing time waiting for him to be done.

Recognize these? I’m doing the toe decreases on the second pair and they’re almost ready for closing. I know a lot of people don’t like the Kitchener stitch but it doesn’t bother me. The blue pair are ready for their toe decreases too so it won’t be long until I have 2 new pair of socks.

2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Robin

    I am not a knitter, but if you answer the question correctly, I may become one. Do your socks have a seam across the top of the toe? I so want to have some that don’t.

  2. Angie

    Your newest hand knit socks are lovely Mary. The colors are so pretty! I have given up on the idea of taking up knitting socks, but I love seeing your yarn colors and how they turn out.

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