I made my deadline!!

Here’s the blue pair I started during JudyL’s knit-a-long….and as you see we have some company here today!

4 Responses to “I made my deadline!!”

  • You have some seriously cute company! Lucky you. 🙂
    Love the blue socks.

  • You get more done in a day than anyone else I know! Good job – now go have some fun playing with that cute little grandson!

  • Cyndi Holguin:

    What a wonderful surprise. Great Company.

  • Stephani in Texas:


    Loved your socks. I haven’t as much luck teaching myself socks, but I may get there yet.

    Would that be a quilt in front of the fireplace with your little one on it. When my grandchildren were that small, we always had a quilt on the floor (till they were old enough to crawl off. Precious photos.

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