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I’m a chicken

I’ve been practicing the fern quilting from the New Pajama Quilter DVD and I was SO tempted to quilt it on Keith’s flannel quilt but I’ve not quilted it yet and with the almost solid fabrics, every little error and wobble would show AND my freehand quilting tends to be a little more dense than I want on this top which needs to be nice and cuddly… I went with one of my favorite OLD pantographs – Blowing Leaves. It doesn’t look like much in the photo but it looks great on quilts.

I think I am ready to quilt this on the next appropriate top …. how about the Forest Bricks?

I’m a little more than halfway done with the quilting and now that I’ve solved my shredding thread issue I should finish it up later tonight or tomorrow. Then my next challenge will be to find/decide on a binding as I don’t have enough of the border fabric which is my first choice.

Keeping track

Judy posted the other day showing a paper where she tracked the row of a scarf she was knitting.

I love these larger post-its for those spots in my pattern where I need some help remembering my place.

I’m doing my gusset decreases and there’s a 2 row repeat on the heel and I’m continuing my 4 row repeat from the leg on the top of the foot. The notes make it easy to tell at a glance which row I’m supposed to do on each round.

On the quilting front I finally made myself piece the backing for Keith’s quilt. The plan is to load it on the longarm later tonight.

Socks again

Heel flaps are done and I’m ready to turn the heel….

I have to admit that reading about people having problems with the 2 at once on 2 circulars surprises me but also reminds me that we all learn differently. I find the instructions very straight forward but if you’re not one that learns from reading, I’d suggest you look for a class at a local yarn shop. Learning to knit socks regardless of what method you use is worth the effort and I’m so glad that I was inspired by Judy to teach myself how to knit them this year.

Of course, that doesn’t mean my socks don’t have flaws…. can you see the stitch I messed up?

How about now?

No one will see that flaw when I’m wearing them and frankly it won’t bother me much at all.

Just two weeks

It’s almost time for another visit to see Caleb…we’ll be in GA in two weeks. Adam sent us a new video of Caleb crawling and I can’t wait to see him in person.

And today something I love…

I won’t make you guess this one! A walk downtown for brunch with SNOW! Yep, we’re getting our first winter storm of the season….don’t you love the little bit of gold left on the trees?!

Teresa guessed….my least favorite thing is clothes shopping although you all mentioned a lot of other things that aren’t particular favorites of mine either. I pretty much wear jeans all the time, I don’t work and we don’t do much that requires dressing up thank goodness but every now and then I need a new pair of jeans and some new tops.

Can you guess?

So how well do you know me after 4 years of blogging? Today I did my least favorite thing….not that there aren’t worse (much worse) things in life but I hate, really hate doing this…a lot of you probably dislike it too.

I love sunsets!

This one was viewed this evening on my way to New Ulm, MN where I gave a guild presentation about HeartStrings. I’m always nervous but it’s fun to share what we’re doing and show off some of our quilts.

I have mixed feelings about this one

The pantograph looks fine, better in person than in the photo but I briefly debated not doing an allover on this one … I’ve got lots of stuff waiting for quilting and my travel is eating into my quilting time so I’m not going to feel guilty for getting it done….besides, I told Mom I was going to do a panto when I promised to have it done and back to her before Christmas. Mom won’t care and will be happy to have it done but this is why I don’t quilt for other people (for hire). If it was my quilt I wouldn’t even be having 2nd thoughts, I’d just be glad it was quilted. (Can you hear me rationalizing my decision to use a pantograph on this?!)

The pantograph is the same one I used on my Aunt’s quilt – Happy Times.

I’ll have to get a better photo of the quilt before I send it back … it’s one I designed and who knows when I’ll get around to making one. Of course mine was designed to be sofa size but Mom wanted a twin size so I added blocks for hers.

I’m a little slow

Judy already has her socks finished … she’s been teaching herself to knit two at a time on two circular needles like I do (She usually knits on Double Pointed Needles and is the one responsible for me deciding I just had to learn to knit socks) and while I was a little late starting, I know I’m not the fastest knitter….I am ready however to start my heel flap.

I knew knitting something with texture would take me longer than plain stockinette but I love how these are turning out so they’re worth the extra time.

Pathetic isn’t he?

An xray today showed no signs of bladder stones which was good but his allergies are so bad we had to pull out the cone to keep him from biting.

As for me, more knitting and quilting today.

Another finish

This one a binding that has been waiting around for a LONG time for me to get to the hand stitching part.

Pieced by Tish and quilted with the Fern Ziggle from The New Pajama Quilter DVD … don’t you just love it?!

I’m such a nice person

In addition to helping her decide on a block and fabric, I drafted the pattern, cut strips, and quilted it for her, AND I trimmed this one and have it ready to ship back to my Aunt so all she’ll have to do now is bind it.

I really don’t like large quilts so I tend to drag them out some…this is the one I’ve been working on the last few days in between my knitting and piecing blocks for my 16 Patch and Pinwheels.

Quilted with a pantograph – Happy Times. Because I have a 10 foot table I had to load this one sideways (it’s wider than it is long) and needed a pantograph that wasn’t directional.

Are you knitting?

I’ve got enough to see my pattern emerging now. I know JudyL posted that she’s trying to knit an hour a day but my goal is to just knit everyday and see how far I can get. I knew that choosing a pattern would take me a little longer but I love how these are turning out. So I started on Nov 3 and this is my progress so far.

Are you knitting socks? What method? What pattern?

Go Vikings!

One thing I miss when we’re traveling is going downtown to watch football in a local bar. The Vikings came through today in overtime and I got a 3 mile walk in!!

Mom is so creative!

We’re in the midst of a baby boom in our family and Mom had an idea to take cloth diapers and to fancy them up for burp cloths ….look how cute these turned out.

I love our coffee shop!

Just a few blocks away, it’s a great place to go to read or knit when I want to get out of the house.

I also love enjoying the fall color without having to rake leaves!

Do you indulge in massages?

I do and did today! Some quilting and knitting also got done.

October 2010 results

Not much accomplished this month except for traveling

Tops pieced – 1

Tops tied – 2

Quilts completed – 0

States visited or passed through this month (some more than once!)

Easing back into routine

I’m still tired and still fighting this cough I’ve had for weeks but today I started easing back into my routine here at home. I pieced blocks for my 16 patch and pinwheels quilt, I loaded my Aunt’s top and have it ready for quilting (I’ll start it later tonight or tomorrow) and I’ve been working on my socks.

I moved on the the leg and although I posted a photo of the pattern yesterday I didn’t tell you it was from Martingale’s Little Box of Socks. Because it’s the same number of stitches I usually cast on, I’m only using the pattern for my textured parts — the leg and top of the foot — I’ll use my regular pattern for the rest.

I was listening to my iPad while knitting this afternoon but was bored with the songs I had playing. I have Pandora on the iPad but hadn’t really used it until this afternoon and I liked it. I’ll have to play with it some more.

Are you knitting?

I decided on the blue yarn because my goal is to alternate knitting socks with the variegated yarns and the plain stockinette pattern I use with solid yarns and a pattern with texture.

So, this is a Shadow Rib pattern, a fairly simple 4 row repeat.

Here’s a photo of the sock

I’ll use the pattern for just the leg portion and follow my instructions from the knitting circles around socks book for all the rest of the construction.

As you can see, someone cuddled up to me all afternoon.