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Your first quilting book

I was answering a question last night and was suggesting that a new quilter invest in a basic quilting book. Even with all the information available on the web and in pattern books, I think a reference book is invaluable.

I taught myself to quilt and this was my first book, what was yours?

The new and the old

Keith’s snuggled up with the new flannel quilt….

Chesty’s snuggled in the old one.

Anyone have fun plans for Thanksgiving? I’m heading to FL and GA to visit family.

The wait is over

At least Keith’s wait for his new quilt is over. When he comes down in the morning, it will be waiting for him.

I’ve mentioned before that on personal quilts I usually embroider my initials and the year as my label, Keith got a little extra on his.

I’ll need to get Keith to hold it up for a photo of the finished quilt but we’re heading out for Thanksgiving soon so it will have to wait until we’re home I think as tomorrow will be really busy.

Vegas Baby!

We’re fairly boring people and usually usher in the new year sound asleep but this year I decided I wanted to do something more exciting so we’re going to Vegas ….a show, a little time on the slots…. we booked it tonight!

Breakfast anyone?

Yes, I sleep late so I had beer and pretzels for breakfast this morning (afternoon)

…. watching the Vikings lose.

A little hand stitching this afternoon and now I’m half way done with Keith’s binding and there’s a pot of homemade lentil soup on the stove. This will be my first attempt to use the new immersion blender. In the past, I’ve always made broth based soups so wish me luck or at least something edible!

How’s your weekend going?

Mine is good because although I had to go to two shops, I found a brown flannel that will work as a binding on Keith’s quilt. It’s made and machine stitched and now all it needs is to be stitched down by hand….a year and a half after I bought the fabric and pattern …12 months later than I promised but the finish line is in sight.

I’ve also had a good time playing with my fan blocks. I was trying to do something more elaborate but the more things I try out as far as setting goes, the more I like just a straight set. I’m still playing with border ideas and I have a feeling I’m not going to get back to the quilt on the design wall before our next trip.

I’m also trying to decide what fabric I’m going to use for the quarter circles….I think they both work well but I’m not sure which one works better. These fans are SUPER, SUPER easy to make and you can count on me playing with more fan quilts in the future.

So did you get to play in your sewing room today?

Quilt Designers

For a long time I didn’t call or consider myself a designer, after all I just take traditional blocks and arrange them in ways pleasing to me and make quilts … we could probably all call ourselves designers based on that criteria.  So I asked myself, is it being published that makes a designer official? And if so, doesn’t my website count as being published? Or is it only being published and having people pay for your designs that make you a designer?

At any rate, there’s a new set of instructions posted on my website. As requested, instructions for a half log cabin quilt that I drafted (designed?) for my Aunt.

It’s simple but SO pretty. I’m thinking I’ll probably make one without borders as a donation quilt.

A new favorite App

This one from the Food Network — Keith’s been after me to make homemade Chicken Soup for ages so I found a promising recipe, printed off a grocery list and made it last night….it was VERY good!

I have no business playing

With these blocks on my design wall looking sadly neglected, I had no business playing but I just had to take a look and see if an idea I had would work for me.

I’ve had a fan quilt on my list of quilts to make for a very, VERY long time and with the Accuquilt GO, the cutting is easy. With one pass of the die, I cut enough blades for 4 blocks.

I love these little leaves

They may be too uniform for some of you but I love these leaves. This one is quilted, now if I can just find a binding.

This is the only flannel fabric from the quilt that I have enough of to bind with but I think it’s too LOUD to finish this one off. I’m going to see what Keith has to say but I’m hoping to find something that will blend in with the final border.