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I often make leftover quilts so while I have the green and purple fabrics out, I gave some thought to a second quilt and decided on a Rail Fence.

I’ll use my 2 inch strip die for my GO cutter.

Blocks will have 5 rails and be 7.5 inches finished (8 inches with seam allowances) and be set 6×8.

Quilt size will be 45×60; another good size for a child size donation quilt.

Filler projects

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Children’s quilts make great filler projects for those times when I’m not ready to dive into a more involved project, when I don’t feel like quilting or binding, when I’m getting ready to travel and have a limited amount of time.

I finished this little top today and although I’m tempted to play with borders, I’m going to leave it as is. It’s about 40×54 which is a good donation size.

And since the view from my window today was rain rather than snow, I’m happy to be heading for Vegas tonight where it promises to be sunnier!

Yes, this really is a quilting blog

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I wandered up into the sewing room this evening and this is what happened. The green and purple fabrics jumped off the shelf and the Accuquilt GO drunkard’s path die made quick work of cutting the blocks.

I still need to move some blocks around, sew the blocks together, and decide what to do about a border but it felt good to be back in my sewing room.

A shared interest

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I think it’s neat when you have shared interests with people in your life. With Mom, I have a shared interesting in quilting and with my son Chris, a shared interest in photography. Here’s a photo that he took last night from the Hennepin Ave bridge. ┬áHe combined several photos together to get this really neat effect…and yes, I did say he took the photo at night. I’m not sure I completely understand the process but he combined underexposed with overexposed photos in a software program to get this result.

Busy, busy

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Enjoying our visit with the kids. They don’t seem to mind sleeping in the living room!

We walked downtown last night and it snowed as we were walking home.

Although the mall wouldn’t be my first choice — Becky is so good about going along with what everyone else wants to do that we all went to the Mall of America today. It’s nice that we can ride the Light Rail from downtown.

After all these years…

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I went downhill skiing one time … hated it. Something to do with being on the side of a mountain, a fear of heights, and having absolutely NO control BUT I’ve wanted to go Cross Country Skiing and never could talk Keith into it until today with the kids. I think we’ll go back for a lesson but we had a great time and it was so peaceful and beautiful on the trail.

Chris and Becky on the trail…..

After 3.4 miles I could still smile!

Do you bake?

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The only baking I do is at the holidays … Keith loves his Christmas cookies. This year I’m baking 4 different cookies and boy can I make a mess.

I really shouldn’t bake when Keith’s not home because then I have to clean it all up myself.

Chesty was hoping I’d drop something for him.

Keith took a long lunch today and drove me over to the Ronald McDonald House to deliver the HeartStrings quilts. It was much easier with him along and we had lunch while we were out.

He had to make a number of trips because I was worried he’d drop them in a snowbank if he tried to carry too many.

We pick Chris and Becky up at the airport tonight and I’m as ready as I’m going to be … the house is fairly clean and I’ve got space cleared in the sewing room for their luggage. Because I take up most of the house for my quilting, we invested in a really nice sleeper sofa so guests have to sleep in the living room. The kids must not mind because they keep coming back.