Do you bake?

The only baking I do is at the holidays … Keith loves his Christmas cookies. This year I’m baking 4 different cookies and boy can I make a mess.

I really shouldn’t bake when Keith’s not home because then I have to clean it all up myself.

Chesty was hoping I’d drop something for him.

Keith took a long lunch today and drove me over to the Ronald McDonald House to deliver the HeartStrings quilts. It was much easier with him along and we had lunch while we were out.

He had to make a number of trips because I was worried he’d drop them in a snowbank if he tried to carry too many.

We pick Chris and Becky up at the airport tonight and I’m as ready as I’m going to be … the house is fairly clean and I’ve got space cleared in the sewing room for their luggage. Because I take up most of the house for my quilting, we invested in a really nice sleeper sofa so guests have to sleep in the living room. The kids must not mind because they keep coming back.

17 thoughts on “Do you bake?

  1. Bec Clarke

    Oh how wonderful, the recipients would love to get those at this time of year.
    I hope you have a Merry Christmas, you certainly deserve it after all the work you put into those quilts.
    I would love to know what recipe you use.

  2. Karen Bonk

    Yes, I do bake cookies. I also belong to a cookie exchange group. My favorite is peanut butter cookies with a Hershey Kiss in the middle. BTW, I just finished a great book you might like. It is called “The Christmas Cookie Club” by Ann Pearlman.

  3. Beth in Dallas

    Mary, what a wonderful day you must have had! Baking ( yummy smells! ), lunch with your DH and then delivering all those wonderful quilts to the Ronald McDonald House..
    Santa lives in you 🙂

    On Donner, On Dancer, On Blitzen!

    Beth in Dallas

  4. Angie

    Yes, I’ve been baking cookies for Christmas. I even bought a new mixer as my 40 yr. old Sunbeam gave out on me. Now, that I have the new mixer I will feel like I should mix, stir and bake more goodies which we definitely don’t need to eat! And yes, my counter tops look like yours, even worse! Enjoy the cookies with the family! Merry Christmas!

  5. Dee Winter

    You know, it’s not your guest room they come to see, it’s you. I’ve slept on the floor so I could visit friends. And I bet they would too. Thank heavens they’re coming before the weather goes bad. Have a great Christmas. Hug Chesty for me.

  6. Marie

    I make a family cookie recipe and they get mailed from Oregon to MS, AL and FL. I only keep one dozen as I don’t need the calories.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family, wish mine was coming to visit this year.

  7. QuiltSue

    Looks like you bake the same way as I do. When my husband sees signs that I might be about to start, he disappears into his workshop and doesn’t come out till I’ve had time to clear up after myself, otherwise he know’s he’ll just end up having to clear up – he’s a much tidier cook than I am.

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. Mary C in WA

    Yep and I dirty every dish and Pan in the house just like my Mother used to do. I made Cinnamon rolls for our Cousins;(MY grandchildren) gathering tomorrow. I’ll make rolls and finish my goodie making tomorrow so I can rest Christmas EVE day. I’m going to make some slice and bake cookies I saw on Judy L’s Blog. What are the four kinds you made?

  9. Marina Louw

    I love to bake, but here in South Africa it is the middle of summer and very hot, so I try to stay out of the kitchen as far as possible.

    Be grateful for one small dog, I have two big standard poodles and two smaller maltese poodles who give me a hard time thinking I have to drop things, in fact, I have to send the big dogs outside when I cook because they can (and have) reach the top of the work area and help themselves LOL

    Enjoy the time with your husband and children, Merry Christmas to you all!

  10. Helen in the UK

    I do bake, although usually in ‘fits and starts’!! I’m making some christmas cupcakes this afternoon as soon as I get off the computer. Have a wonderful xmas 🙂

  11. Elaine/MuddlingThrough

    I do massive amounts of Christmas baking each year and send cookies and sweet breads to family all over the country. I’ve got more to do today for neighbors. Insanity! But they all insist that I keep on doing it. LOL

  12. Mary-Kay

    That’s a really big stack of quilts. How kind you and your group are. I’m sure they will be well received especially at this time of year. Keep up the great work. Your quilts are beautiful. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  13. Kay

    My thanks to you and Keith from someone who also loves to do charity quilts.
    I would love to bake – and my kitchen goes from clean to trashed when I’m in it – but I have to choose only one passion due to fibro. So I have chosen quilting!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Kay in Vancouver, WA – who checks daily to see what you are up to.

  14. Judy Laquidara

    Gorgeous stack of quilts! I know they were appreciated. I’m pretty sure anyone who comes to visit you, especially your family, doesn’t mind one bit sleeping on the sofa bed. You know I bake a lot and I always make a huge mess. Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas Day!

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