A shared interest

I think it’s neat when you have shared interests with people in your life. With Mom, I have a shared interesting in quilting and with my son Chris, a shared interest in photography. Here’s a photo that he took last night from the Hennepin Ave bridge. ┬áHe combined several photos together to get this really neat effect…and yes, I did say he took the photo at night. I’m not sure I completely understand the process but he combined underexposed with overexposed photos in a software program to get this result.

9 thoughts on “A shared interest

  1. Ann

    Hi Mary,
    I saw this last night on your son’s blog. Very neat picture. I showed it to my daughter, who goes to school at the U of MN. She is home for a few days during break. She loves Minneapolis and the skyline so much that being at home(about 30 miles west of the Twin Cities) is just about the end of world for her. She really loved the picture of the Stone Arch Bridge that Chris took. I believe it made her lonely for the big city. Enjoy the rest of the holiday season.

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