Yes, this really is a quilting blog

I wandered up into the sewing room this evening and this is what happened. The green and purple fabrics jumped off the shelf and the Accuquilt GO drunkard’s path die made quick work of cutting the blocks.

I still need to move some blocks around, sew the blocks together, and decide what to do about a border but it felt good to be back in my sewing room.

14 thoughts on “Yes, this really is a quilting blog

  1. Beth McDonald

    Had to laugh, Mary! You are as ‘hooked’ as the rest of us, that is sure! I just finished 10 big quilts in time for Christmas, and my head is already filled with a dozen more. This combination is so pretty — very subtle marriage of those 2 colors and I love it!

  2. Michelle

    That is really pretty! Drunkard’s Path is one of the dies I’m really anxious to get for myself. I don’t mind sewing curves, but don’t have the patience to cut them.

  3. Lisa

    Love it! I just made one with my Accuquilt too but put it together a little differently. I love your website. What a wonderful pile of quilts you took to the Ronald McDonald house!

  4. Kathie L.

    At least the fabric jumped off your own shelf, fabric jumps off shelves towards me in fabric stores!!

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