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Washing, drying, organizing

30 HeartStrings quilts that Keith and I will deliver to Ronald McDonald House tomorrow.

In addition to the ones I made from start to finish myself, all but one of these were quilted by me and most were also bound by me but I had a lot of help via tops that were donated and a few were bound by Sheree and Cindy.


So how do you evaluate how you’re doing on your stashbusting efforts?

December marks my 5th blogging anniversary and as I was looking back over my first few entries I found this photo of my stash.

And here’s one I took today (don’t mind the mess!)

So I think overall I have less fabric on the shelves but I also have MORE scraps and strings as you can see in this corner. (I did tell you to ignore the MESS!)

I’m not displeased with my efforts over the last 5 years and I’ve changed the way I quilt in that time too. I do continue to buy fabric so I have a good variety on hand for my scrap quilts but I never have to shop to start making a quilt … I just go to the shelves and start pulling.

So how about you? Have you made progress? or stopped stashbusting all together?

A ME day

After being gone the last month I have tons to do to get ready for Christmas and a visit from Chris and Becky BUT it’s snowing!

So, instead of working I walked in the snow, got my haircut, and am getting caught up on emails and such on my computer at the coffee shop! All the photos should enlarge if you click on them….don’t you love the ornaments on the tree in my neighbor’s yard?

My last day in Virginia

Mom’s doing well and I’m heading home tomorrow but we still had time today to work on some projects.

She decided the tree skirt she was making needed some appliqué so I found a tree and we got them arranged and she’s in the process of stitching them down. She also decided she wanted to make another elephant quilt so I played in EQ6 and drafted this little quilt.

Bias edges for the fan blocks

My Bethany Reynolds book was here at Mom’s so I didn’t use her instructions but after having several questions I did a google search and found this tutorial online which was similar to how I edged my fan blocks. You could also use ric-rac or piping I bet.

Tutorial for edging fan blocks

I sewed my fan blocks down by hand using an applique stitch and then fused my quarter circles and stitched them by hand too but with a blanket stitch.

The Fan blocks are done

I laid them all out in straight rows as I intended to set them but then I took a photo of them at an angle that shows what they would look like on point and I believe I’m going to go with the on point set. I’m still debating what I’m going to do for borders….but which set do you like??

Tonya’s book is on it’s way!

I’ve always loved Tonya’s quilts and she was one of my inspirations when I decided that I was going to start quilting freehand Baptist Fans on my longarm. They’ve become my favorite quilting designs for my scrappy quilts so I was excited when I heard she was writing a book on her freeform pieced letters.

Visit Tonya’s website

I did make an attempt to make some letters myself but so far haven’t used them. My intention at the time was to do a quilt border on my HeartStrings quilt but then decided that I’d add them to the backing…so far the top and letters are incomplete but I just changed my UFO list for 2011 and I will get this quilt finished next year…why is it that projects for ME always get pushed to the bottom of the list?

Below you can see my letters and if you visit, you can even take a peak inside Tonya’s book (which will be waiting for me when I arrive home on Sunday!)

Tis the season to give

I’m still keeping up with my Christmas journal and the prompt on the 14th was on gift giving. Years ago we stopped giving presents and started making a donation to Habitat for Humanity and we continued that tradition this year, we also added a donation for Heifer International, another organization that I like to contribute to. In this holiday season, I hope everyone who is able will think about helping those that are less fortunate.

What are you working on today?

Mom’s working on a tree skirt.

We’re working together on some minkee backed receiving blankets.

And now I’m getting ready to do more hand stitching on my fans. The big stack are the ones pinned and ready to be stitched but I am making progress moving them to the finished stack..

Back to fans

I’ve got my sock legs done and am ready to move on to the heels but tonight I’m working on stitching down my fan blocks.