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Judy’s 2011 UFO Challenge

I’ve fallen short of my UFO goal this year….too much travel I guess. I finished 7 of the 12 quilts I wanted to finish and #8 just needs binding but with my extended trip to Virginia, the kids coming for Christmas, and then our New Year’s trip to Vegas I know I won’t get it done.

So I’m going to start fresh in 2011 and participate in Judy’s challenge. Click the link to find out more information if you’re interested in playing along too.

My goal again will be one completed UFO per month and to give myself a good chance of meeting it, all these are finished tops so they’ll need quilting and binding. I also have three extra tops I’m adding to the list as # 13, 14, an 15 that I’ll work on if I find myself in a finishing frenzy but I’m not holding my breath.

2011 UFO Challenge

1. Patriotic Rail Fence
2. My HeartStrings quilt
3. Twisted Nine Patch
4. Red Irish Chain
5. Rectangle Strings
6. Green Boxed Squares
7. Green/black two Rail Fence
8. Spiderweb
9. Jewel HeartStrings
10. On the Vine
11. Forest Bricks
12. 16 Patch and Pinwheels
13. Pineapple
14. Green Floral
15. Pink & Brown Framed Rectangles

More random bits and pieces

Keith sent me some of his snow…but just a tiny taste.

Mom has a freakish number of birds flying around, I guess they’re thinking they need to head further south.

My sister Ann sent us a photo of the wallhanging she made here this weekend with her new quilt hanger.

I finished the 16 Patch and Pinwheel top. I tried to get a photo outside because the light was better but it got blown around a little. Most likely it will eventually end up donated to the Ronald McDonald House. That’s where many of my kids quilts are donated.

Keith’s at home

He’s been snowed in this weekend and missing Chesty and me but he looks pretty cozy in this photo doesn’t he – he has his quilt, a fire, and the football game!

Today my plan is to get the 16 Patch and Pinwheel top finished. Wish me luck!


After entertaining a crowd yesterday to celebrate Mom’s birthday, we were tired today so we had a quiet day but I did make great progress on my socks!


Ann working on a small wallhanging

Visiting Dad’s grave – today is his birthday

Fixing homemade chicken soup for dinner

Progress on my newest pair of socks

Moving on

……to my fan blocks.

Christmas postcards

Check off one thing of my quilty to do list – my postcards for our family exchange are done. Most are tree variations but there are a few Log Cabin Penguins. Cards are made and ready to mail tonight.

She says she doesn’t care for animals much

But every time I look around they’re sitting together and she’s usually petting him too.


I’m so glad Chesty’s coming with me this trip, I really missed him when we were in FL and GA.

He’s checking out the travel kennel and I coaxed him inside for a minute. I’m lucky he does well so that when I need to, I can fly with him. He is just small enough to fly in the cabin and fits under the seat.

It looks small but he can actually move around inside.

And another change in plans … I went to cast on my socks and this skein is all tangled up so after messing with it for about 30 minutes I knew I’d have to pick another yarn if I wanted to get the socks cast on so that’s what I did….another variegated yarn from I’ll post a photo of them when I’ve made a little bit of progress on them.

I noticed that when I went looking after giving up on this tangle that I had limited choices in my two skein variegated yarns. When I get home I really do have to break out the yarn scale and split a bunch of yarn into two balls.

Being adaptable

I can be a creature of habit but I do try to stay adaptable and to not let unexpected events throw me off too much. We arrived home yesterday and I need to head right out for Virginia to my Mom’s today and won’t be back home until the 19th.

I had plans for the quilting I was going to accomplish before the holidays so I decided that rather than leaving this quilt still in pieces, I’d downsize it a little and make a child’s quilt….it’s packed along with the fans, and the start of my postcards, and some Jelly Rolls and fat quarters just in case. Luckily, Mom has an extra sewing machine, thread, needles, and all the extra fabric that I might need so I was able to get everything in one big suitcase (my clothes, the projects, and Chesty’s stuff).

Now, I’m going to cast on a simple pair of socks before we leave for the airport. I wasn’t crazy about the Wildfoote yarn I used for this pair of socks but I’ve found I love wearing them and they seem to be holding up really well so I’m using another couple skeins for this pair in another colorway.

I’ve updated my sock page with the two pair I finished in Georgia as well as some more details about my knitting for anyone interested. Just click on the socks tab at the top of the page.

Heading home

We stayed last night with Chris and Becky before heading to the airport this morning. It’s always nice to see my quilts being used! That quilt at the end of the bed was the first string quilt I’d made. I checked the label and saw that I made it in 2003. The Red quilt under it was their wedding quilt – a Double 4 Patch and instructions can be found on my site.

I’ll be glad to get home to Chesty, we’ve been gone 12 days which is too long to be away from him…luckily he’s going to fly with me to Mom’s tomorrow.

Christmas lights

We head home tomorrow and I’m trying to convince Keith he needs to put up some Christmas lights while I’m in Virginia. We have gotten out of the habit of decorating for the holidays since the boys aren’t home anymore.

All that internal debate wasted

I decided to cast on my next pair of socks…after debating whether I felt confident enough to attempt this pair (Spring Fern Socks), I decide I needed something simpler for the next couple weeks. So as I cast on my first sock, I realized that this was a different yarn than I’d been using and it’s sport weight…and I don’t have the size 3 needles I’d bought at the same time here with me in GA.

I’ll have to find the needles when I get home Sunday because I’m heading for Virginia earlier than expected to be with my Mom and I’ll be staying there the next couple weeks. Last night I made my list of the projects I want to carry with me to work on and socks are on the list as are my Christmas postcards that have barely been started.

This is how he keeps his girlish figure

He’ll kill me for posting this but with no quilty content, I need to keep things entertaining so you’ll keep reading!

I’m sitting here sipping coffee and creating my daily journal page while he’s preparing for dinner with Chris & Becky tonight.

Christmas Journal 2010

My digital journal seems to get simpler each year and last year I stopped on Christmas day but I like the process and its fun to look back over previous years. I won’t post my pages each day but you can find them by clicking the link to My Photos on the sidebar.

You can find more information here — Journal Your Christmas

Baby socks?

Do you have a simple pattern? I found a free one online at Ravelry but I’m not sure of the sizing. She uses size one needles for 0-3 months and says that a larger sock can be made using larger needles. So since I only have size two needles here in GA and I want to make socks that are 6-9 months I thought I’d give it a try with some of my leftover yarn.

Adam and Caleb left just before lunch. Don’t know when we’ll see them again so it was a little difficult to let go of him.


Chris joined us at the condo last night for dinner. If Chesty had been here I would have had all my boys with me.