I did it!

ALL the donation quilts that were here before Jan 1st 2011 are DONE! All the non-HeartStrings tops are DONE. And with this HeartStrings top I quilted this morning I MET my challenge goal for January with 5 days to spare!

Top was pieced by Pat and quilted with a swirly version of Dwirling.

Of course, there’s plenty here left to quilt — 2 tops from Mom, 3 HeartStrings tops that came in this month, and lots of my tops. I’ll be binding these last ones over the next couple weeks too but I feel such a sense of accomplishment and excitement about the year ahead and focusing more on piecing quilts.

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  • kate:

    Good for you! What an inspiration! Especially since I’ve been staring at the same quilt top, layered but not basted or quilted, draped over my dining room table.

  • atta girl! way to lead by example! i really look forward to seeing lots of pictures of the things you’ll be piecing during 2011.

  • WooHoo!! What an accomplishment. You should be so proud of yourself. Enjoy the rewards of piecing, knitting and reading without the elephant in the room telling to you to get those quilts done. YOU DID IT!

  • Congratulations, now knit a day or two and then start piecing on your own projects.

  • Yahoo! Good for you! You worked so hard. All the quilts were beautiful. The one you quilted and posted today is especially colorful. Makes ya smile. It will make someone very happy.

  • Debbie:

    Good for you! You must feel wonderful. That is a huge accomplishment. I am in awe!

  • Shelly Kamp:

    Way to go!!!!! Looking forward to seeing the February challenge of piecing??? Luved the carpenter wheel- hope to see that soon if not your maybe mine. Great job.

  • Diane:

    Oh way to go! I’m so excited for you!
    I have to remeber to use dwirling on one of my future tops—I love the pajama quilter and always forget about that one– love the texture and movement that design creates!

  • Congratulations on meeting your goal with five days left! Brava!

  • Nancy Parisi:

    Wow! Good work! Now you can sleep and eat!

  • Way to go! Pat yourself on the back for all your hard work!

  • Alison in the UK:

    That’s a truly remarkable achievement, what a way to start the year. Congratulations!!

  • Congratulations on a job well done and an example portrayed! Hurrah!!!

  • Lindsey F.:

    Woo hoo! You were like the energizer bunny this month. You just kept going and going and you’ve met your goal. What an inspiration!

  • Hooray for Mary! I knew you could do it, there was never any doubt. You are truly an inspiration. Happy Dance!!!

  • Congratulations to you, Mary! That is quite an accomplishment! The quilt pictured above is gorgeous…I love “dwirling” don’t know if I’d seen that pattern before. It really compliments the bright colors and design of the quilt.

    BTW….I enjoyed the picture of Caleb standing at the window! He is growing SO fast.

    Take care!

  • Way to go…. send some of that energy this way! You are awesome.

  • char:

    Congratulations! That’s wonderful.

  • Sheila:

    You have been an inspiration all month, Mary. Congratulations, and I hope you’re not burned out over it all. Treat yourself ;>

  • GREAT JOB! That is a lot to accomplish! I’m sure you are very proud of yourself, you should be!

  • Susan:

    WOW!! What an AWESOME task you’ve accomplished this month! Way to go!!!!

  • Cyndi Holguin:

    That is so awesome. Guess what I finished the one quilt I needed to get done by today It is done and delivered. Thank you for the inspiration

  • Wow Mary! That’s amazing that you accomplished your goal, with many days to spare!

  • Pat Chubb:

    Outstanding! What an accomplishment and an inspiration to the rest of us. How exciting to have cleared the decks and now you’re ready for your very own projects. Love that string quilt that’s pictured – with the monkeys and bananas and bright, child-friendly colors.

  • Congratulations, Mary! Wow; I have been watching your “mad dash” this month in awe!

  • Marina Louw:

    Congratulations Mary! Iam so happy for you! Can’t believe how fast Caleb is growing up! He is so cute.

  • laurie:

    WOW…great job!!! You sure have been a busy beaver…but ya need to spend time with Keith and sleep! 😀 Caleb sure is growing quickly!
    ps…how does a person watermark a photo?

  • Sara:

    Mary, this is simply fabulous! What an accomplishment and what an inspiration to the rest of us……because of you, I am trying to set high quilt and knit goals for the month, too. Oh, I am not there yet, but making progress! Thanks!

  • Great job with all that quilting Mary. I find quilting fun, but putting the quilts into the “longarm” no fun, and same with the sandwichmaking when quilting on my regular bernina. So I really don’t understand how you manage to quilt som many quilts in a month

  • WOO HOO!!! Congrats on a brilliant achievement 🙂

  • debrak:

    Well done!

  • sue:

    Congratulations, Mary! Of course, everyone who keeps up with you knows you’d easily reach your goal.

    Love the quilting on this top.

  • Marillyn Smith:

    Mary – way to go girl! Your quilting is impeccab;e!


    ps….I think I won some of the $$$ you lost. sure was a fun trip!

  • Great job! Could you forward your energy and devotion to my email address? LOL I started counting my UfOs, projects not yet started, and quilt tops that need quilting. Oh boy! And the list seems to keep growing as I see something new I want to do. I have made a list and I am vowing to finish several UFOs.

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