Do you travel?

I love to travel …. to visit family, see new places, hang out on the beach!

It’s just January but my travel plans for 2011 already include

Visits to Virginia, Georgia, and Florida to see family
Visits to Cocoa Beach and the Dominican Republic to laze on the beach
Visits to Denmark and Berlin to explore new places
A visit to Boston, one of my favorite cities
A visit to Michigan to explore my inner liberated quilter at a Gwen Marston retreat!!

I can’t wait to see where else my travels will take me in 2011.

18 thoughts on “Do you travel?

  1. wilmanc1

    We travel, but not as much as you. We care for my 89 year old MIL so we have to have someone watch her while we are gone. This year I am going to Ohio to see family. To the beach at least once. Taking a driving vacation to California to see my son, stopping at the Grand Canyon and Vegas and seeing lots of southern California while we’re there. And another trip to Ohio for a Quilt retreat in September.

  2. Cheri

    I think you need a personal assistant to travel with you. I think it should be me. Hope you have trips as wonderful as they sound.

  3. Mary W

    Traveling is so much fun. I love to see new places too. We just got bsack from a cruise to Western Caribbean, and going to Bermuda in June. Have a ball traveling to your new places. Happy Traveling!!

  4. Marillyn Smith

    We love to travel and especially to cruise. So far tis year we have been to San Diego and Las Vegas. Next Friday we drive to Los Angeles and fly to Honolulu. Will spend 4 days there with our older son. The 9th we sail from Honolulu around the islands, then 5 days at sea on the way to Tahiti, Bora Bora etc.

    In March we fly to New Orleans for 4 days prior to picking up a cruise there to the Western Caribbean. Costa Maya, Mexico, Belize City, Roatan Bay Islands, Honduras and Cozumel, Mx. April – we may fly to Lake Tahoe for a weekend. Will be in Lake Tahoe for part of June thru July. Planning another cruise to Europe in the fall. Looking at Spain this time around.

    We are certainly enjoying retirement – just wish I had more time to quilt!

  5. Angie

    I rarely leave Timber Hill! and for sure not the county. We traveled our whole lives with my husbands work. Europe and the USA. I LOVE to stay home. Today I’ll drive out to the coast, Bodega Bay, to play Mahjong with friends. That is about as far as I venture. I live vicariously through your trips!

  6. Jay in Nebraska

    Travel this year is going to up for me. I have already gone to LA, and Vegas. And spent a nice week in Denver, that I just got home from. But tickets have already been purchases to go see family in London and Paris, and I bought a ticket to spend a long weekend in the Twin Cities since I have never been! Have fun with your travels, I know I do…and you should see the looks on the security agents face when I tote my Featherweight as a carry on!

  7. The Chocolate Cat

    I LOVE to travel and will go almost anywhere! Looks like this year will just be two trips to Broome but we are planning a bigger trip for next year. All of my family love to travel, my kids have had some great experiences and opportunities! Have you visited Australia?

  8. Sue H

    I love to travel too. We spend 10 weeks or so on the Texas Gulf. This year we are planning to take a big car trip (big trip — not big car!) out East (Virginia) to see #1Son, down to Alabama to see Aunt Bert (she reads your blog so this may be news to her!!!), and then maybe down to TX again before returning to Minnesota. Maybe a family reunion this summer in the Dakotas. And ditto on the personal assistant comment! I’d be right there to carry your bags and keep your rotary cutter sharp!

  9. ImperaMagna

    I haven’t traveled much other than to visit family in the past decade…but did venture out to the Knoxville Quilt Show last summer. Convinced me I need to do more of that… my son is trying to talk me into Bermuda.

  10. Lisa

    We are sailing out of Cocoa Beach/Port Canaveral in June… have never been there before and are going over for 2 nights ahead so we can go to Kennedy Space Center with our 7 year old (we live on west coast of FL)… have you been? Any pointers? Either for space center or fun things to do/places to eat? We’ll have an afternoon the day we get there + full day (space center day but not sure if will take entire day or not?)

  11. Sherrill

    We had to cancel our big anniv. trip last year to England (boohoo). We’re leaving in the am for a quilting cruise (woohoo, HA). I’m trying to talk the hubs into visiting Surprise, AZ to see the TX Rangers in spring training. And trying to decide where I wanna go to make up for the cancelled trip last year. Right now, I just want 80-85 degrees!

  12. Pat Chubb

    I went to England last year for 11 days by myself. Loved it and want to go to Ireland and Scotland next. I am envious of your travel plans! No big travels for me this year – I’m retiring at the end of the year and have eleventy-twelve billion things to do before I can slip away.

  13. Omajean

    My husband and I have fallen in love with cruising. We went on three last year-the last one over the Christmas holiday. I love the motion of the ship–at night is like being rocked in a cradle. All I do is eat, sleep, read, knit or applique. No phones, no responsibilities, no worries. We will be going again in April. Leaving out of Mobile (about 3 hours away) limits where we can go but to us it is the journey not the destination. It is all so easy. This year we are also supposed to go to Hawaii with a friend of ours–don’t know when yet. My husband was a naval aviator for 10 years and essentially went around the world. The only foreign country I have been to is Mexico and that is not really all that foreign. When we retire we hope to travel more. Right now my job limits vacation time. The place that my husband wants to visit again is Palma de Mallorca–hopefully one day soon we will make it there.

  14. WonkyGirl

    Nope, not any more. I lived in 18 to 20 different states in my life time, too much moving. Landed where i love it now. With horses, cats, dogs and chickens it is hard to leave, maybe I did that on purpose. I also have my quilting to keep me happy 🙂

  15. Cheryl

    Well sounds like fun – we have Disney World planned for end of March to celebrate our 35th anniversary, then in the fall a planned VA, PA, MD of battlefields, Williamsburg and Hershey/Penn Dutch. We always try and do 1 big vacation and one smaller one each year.

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