The Fans are assembled

It starts out as my least favorite part of quilting and then about 2/3 of the way through assembling the top, I start getting excited about finishing it (yes, I consider a completed top a finish!) and I stop procrastinating and push through until it’s done.

Overall I’m very happy with this quilt although I don’t think the photo does it justice. (That bottom right corner isn’t smoothed out – it’s not the piecing!)

The brown setting triangles are a little clunky looking but I think it will be an opportunity to quilt something pretty – in gold thread ┬áso it actually shows.

19 thoughts on “The Fans are assembled

  1. *karendianne.

    I think it’s totally neat and I agree. There is opportunity for some pretty quilting although I’m a brown girl so I’m happy with it just as a general rule. I really dig the way you used the fabric in the fans and the border – lovely to the eye.

  2. Mary C in Wa

    YEA another top finished. I will be watching to see how you quilt this one too. I have boxes of Blocks waiting to be assembled into tops too. It’s not my favorite part to do either. That’s why I signed up for the UFO Challenge.

  3. Denise in PA

    Putting the top together is my least favorite part too! I think the gold thread in the brown triangles will look great. Love the border fabric – that is going to be an elegant quilt!

  4. Flatlander (Linda)

    Another vote for gold thread in the brown areas ~ you’re right ~ another chance to show off your wonderful quilting. I’ll be excited to see the finished product. Keeping this one??

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