This helps …

I do SO love the snow and going out to walk in it.

Of course it helps that I left with snow up to my knees and came back a couple hours later to this …. all the sidewalks and steps neatly shoveled by someone else!

5 thoughts on “This helps …

  1. Patti

    Mary: I’ve been lurking around your blog for a while now, and love the scrap quilts you’re making and quilting. But I really started to love your blog when I realized you were in Minneapolis. My youngest daughter started school in St Paul this fall and its a fairly major weather change from south Florida! Thanks for the weather photos!

  2. Angie

    The snow pictures are so pretty Mary. I used to love the snow as a child. It does not snow where we live in CA. However, just a few hours drive, and we can be in the snow if we want to experience it. It has been snowing on the mountain peaks around us for the past week too. Mt. Diablo and Saint Helena mountain up near the Geysers. It very pretty from a distance. I like the freshness of the air when you walk in the snow. Thanks for sharing the pictures. That tree covered with snow just through the gate would make a very pretty Christmas card!

  3. Linda in NE

    That must be the ticket to enjoying snow……….someone else scoops it. We lucked out on this last round of winter weather. Cold & windy, some ice on the trees, some sleet and just a skiff of snow. Now we’re seeing the sun again and I’m glad for that. I have so much more energy when the sun shines and might even get something done.

  4. Dora, the quilter

    Indeed very lovely for you. (OTOH, my daily commute is 134+ miles, and I can assure you that having to drive through it for three hours of daily rush house makes me feel quite a bit differently about it. Maybe someday I’ll get to live where I can just stay home and/or walk in it!)

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