You probably won’t feel sorry for me

While normally I love walking downtown, today involved two of my least favorite things — the dentist and some clothes shopping. While you might feel sorry for me having to go to the dentist, the reason I needed to shop is that we’re heading to a beach resort next week and I needed some new tops. Yep, I was in the middle of a winter storm this week and next week, I’ll be lying on the beach with my Kindle and a Rum Runner!

After getting home, I got a couple tops organized with backings and hung in the closet downstairs — these are just 9 of my 22 tops waiting for quilting (at least I think there are only 22) but the others don’t have backs yet.

And finally, I got my #10 UFO for Judy’s challenge loaded and I’m about half way done – I’m quilting Wonky Feathers from the Pajama Quilter DVD which you may or may not be able to see in this photo.

10 thoughts on “You probably won’t feel sorry for me

  1. Lori in Tucson

    Mary, this very much resembles what one of my closets looks like. I have a hard time making up my mind about what to put on the back of all the quilt tops. I haven’t counted up how many tops I have waiting.

  2. Marilyn

    I feel sorry for you! My gums still hurt from the dentist today. That hygenist really did a number on me. She said, we really have some bleeding going on think? Maybe it is because you keep stabbing me with that pointy stick you have in your hand! And all I get to do next week is go back to school 🙁 Think of me when you are enjoying the sunshine ok? I need to pick backings for my quilt tops too! We must be twins.

  3. Pat Chubb

    Hey, the beautiful one being quilted looks like Maypole by April Cornell. I LOVE that fabric line. I still have some squirreled away for a project in a tote somewhere…..

  4. Kristie

    Oh sunshine sounds great! Enjoy your trip! I always enjoy looking at your quilts! If it makes you feel better….I have 30 tops that need quilted! LOL! Well…..30 big quilt tops and then there are 5 or 6 baby quilts.

  5. Darlene B

    I’m glad you get to go to the beach – sure wish I could join you! I am SOOO done with winter…
    Love the quilt – is it Bonnie Hunter’s pattern? I’ve made a couple quilts using that pattern and I loved how easily it went together.
    Enjoy your beach time (and have a rum runner for me)!

  6. Kathie L.

    I like your idea of hanging the quilts. I usually fold them along with the backing and put them on a shelf. No closet in the sewing room but maybe I could borrow the downstairs TV room closet.

  7. Linda in NE

    I had to go to the dentist myself this morning so I can sympathize with you. My hygienist was more gentle than Marilyn’s though. Enjoy your beach time.

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