#10 UFO

I’m participating in JudyL’s UFO challenge and finished my #10 UFO for February. While this quilt is more color coordinated than I typically like I think it will make a lovely donation quilt.

I just remembered that I need to get my postcards for February’s family exchange in the mail before leaving so I’ll be working on finishing them tonight.

17 thoughts on “#10 UFO

  1. Kelly

    I love this quilt too.

    Can I ask what is the name of it again?

    I (vaguely) remember when you started it and then I (think) you put the pattern on your pattern site.

    If that was the case, I then saved it but have since moved computers and lost it and I would now love to be able to download the pattern again (if it is available) so that I too can make it.

    Or if it’s not and I’ve made the whole story up, it’s ok I’ll just admire it on the computer 😛

  2. Barb M

    This looks very simple yet so pretty. Do you have the pattern for this or either the measurements. I would really appreciate having them. Trying to get back into quilting after being out from illness.
    Thank you.

  3. Carol

    This is such a pretty quilt — congratulations on a wonderful February finish! It’ll make someone feel pretty special to receive it!

  4. Jocelyn

    Okay I see that I am not the only one who is asking about the pattern. Is it one on your pattern page? Can you share which pattern it is?? Thanks

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