College Quilts

Mom’s been busy working on our latest joint quilt…for a nephew heading off to college. The pattern is modified from an quilt in an old McCall’s magazine and one we’ve used several times.

Old Dominion University

University of Maryland

University of Florida

Virginia Tech

15 thoughts on “College Quilts

  1. Beth in AZ

    OH! I know I have that pattern. I think I better dig it out…my son is just a freshman, but he already has senior friends. This would be a good one to have at the ready. Thanks for showing us different colleges too. (I am almost ready to put my churn dash and stars in rows. I love the impression of circles. 1st time using my Tri-recs set. Love ’em already)

  2. Kristy Wilkinson

    These are so pretty. I love the 2 color contrasts of each quilt. The lettering is nice too. Thanks for sharing! I did finally finish the double 4 patch quilt for my son. It is on his bed. Turned out nice. Thanks so much for sharing patterns with us.

  3. Vicki W

    You know that I LOVE my VT but the colors are difficult to work with. I have to say that this is the least tacky VT quilt I have ever seen! Why couldn’t we have been Maroon and Gold,Maroon and Gray, Maroon and Black or anything less offensive than Maroon and Orange?

  4. Deputy's Wife

    I had to laugh out loud on this post! (Not at your quilts, they are beautiful!) I believe after you shared your pattern with me, the first two quilts looked like yours. For some reason, I lost the pattern but thought I could remember it. Well, it morphed into something different. LOL! I have a picture of mine up on my blog today.

    So funny!

  5. Jackie in NJ

    I LOVE these quilts! I’ve been wanting to make a school quilt for my nephew but couldn’t decide on a pattern. Now I know what I want to do! Thanks, Mary

  6. Kathie L

    Great quilts. My daughter will be going off to college in a year and a half, will have to start thinking about something like this.

  7. Amy R

    My alma mater is among those represented here. My hubby, who also attended the same school, has been designing a VT quilt for me to make him. I’ll show him yours. . . maybe he’ll just go with it instead!

  8. Karen Bonk

    Are there instructions for this quilt somewhere or is it a pattern? This would be an awesome graduation quilt. I love how all of them are just a little bit different with either the lettering or color choices.

  9. Dede

    I’m interested in your college quilt pattern. I tried searching your web site, but did not see it. Would you be willing to share it?
    Thank you,

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