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Carpenter Star top is done

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It’s still snowing here and I SO wanted to go out and play but I decided I needed to get some work done first. I pieced a backing for my #10 UFO and then got the borders sewn on the Carpenter Star. This one will now age a bit on the shelf before eventually being finished as a donation quilt.

My reward is that I now get to go out for a walk in the snow…I’ll have a late lunch at my favorite nearby restaurant and then take my knitting to the coffee shop for a little while.

It’s snowing

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We went out walking in it around lunch time and since then the snow has gotten a lot heavier and it’s gusty out there. Perfect for staying in — a little sewing, and then Scrabble by the fire followed by homemade Chicken soup for dinner. Yum!

I love watching the snow out the window when I’m sewing. We are close to the tracks – but I zoomed in for the shot of the NorthStar going by so not quite this close.

I worked on the pieced borders for my Carpenter Star

And they’re done — for now they’re pinned on the sides but they go on the top and bottom to convert this square into a rectangular quilt. I just have to cut and add the plain borders and this top will be done.

Another binding

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This top was pieced by Cheryl and quilted last month during my marathon!

Just 2 bindings left to do but they’ll probably have to wait until after the next trip. With just 10 days between my VA trip and the next one, my goals have been to get 2 bound, the Carpenter Star top completed, and my #10 UFO needs to be quilted and bound after I piece a backing for it. If I have more time before leaving, I’ll start the 2nd set of HeartStrings blocks for our current project.

Updated Carpenter Star instructions

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I’ve been working on assembling my Carpenter Star quilt and started cutting the border half rectangles when I realized that I didn’t clearly state on the instructions that you need both regular and reversed triangles when working with rectangles….of course I know this and was just automatically cutting mine in pairs with wrong sides together but realized I hadn’t been clear on that with the instructions. So if you saved them before today — you’ll probably want to look at and read through the revised one.

Now all I have to do is sew these together and get the borders on.

I’m also working on another binding which should be finished later tonight because it’s a small quilt.

I’m home, I’m tired, I’m lazing around

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Have you ever worn or packed two different shoes? Guess who did it on his latest trip?

I’m normally not a retreat person but I’m going to one with Gwen Marston this fall and I just got this email saying that Accuquilt is holding a GO retreat. I’m tempted to go but am wondering if anyone I know is planning to attend?

Accuquilt Retreat June 9-11

A beautiful day for a walk

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I can’t believe how much snow has melted….I see grass! It’s going to get colder this weekend and we should have some more snow Sunday/Monday but it’s nice for a change to go for a walk in a lightweight jacket and leave the hat, scarf, and gloves at home.

In the mail today, a HeartStrings top from May in NJ. I’ve got several tops of mine to quilt and donate to the Ronald McDonald House and this one will fit right in with that group.