Help Japan – Win this quilt

As a quilter who’s main focus is donation quilting, you’d think that I would be one of the first to make and send quilts after a disaster … well I’m not.

When I established HeartStrings one of the key elements was making and donating locally to fill the need in our own communities and although I do support projects of other members like Alycia’s QOV, most of my quilts are donated here or in a location of one of our sew-ins.

The cost of shipping quilts as well as being unable to know whether the quilts will actually make it to the intended recipient are two other reasons I prefer to donate locally versus sending quilts off in a disaster but most of all, I feel that the immediate need can most often be met with a monetary donation.

So although I’d already made a donation for those affected by the disaster in Japan, when I came across Jacquie’s post where she’s offering her readers a chance to win one of her quilts if they make a donation to the Red Cross (for relief efforts in Japan) I decided it was a wonderful way to help encourage others to donate and include my quilting in the process too.

So, by donating $10 or more, you can earn a chance to win this quilt. Click here to go to the Red Cross site and then come back here and comment writing your tracking number in the comment.

For donations of $50 or more, please enter a 2nd comment stating that you’re eligible for another chance to win.

I’ll draw the winner on April 1st and the drawing will stay open through March 31. I hope you all will join me in helping.

36 thoughts on “Help Japan – Win this quilt

  1. Nancy

    Thank you for encouraging everyone to donate to the Red Cross relief fund and for donating one of your beautiful quilts. I donated this morning: tracking number 4721997

  2. Melinda in CT

    Oooh, I love that quilt and how wonderful of you to offer it as an incentive to making donations to the ARC.
    My tracking # 1555-8047-1-4326564-4754944

  3. Debra

    Tracking number is 1555-8047-1-4361184-4794876.
    How sad the situation in Japan. Keep them in your prayers. Thank you.

  4. MJ

    I love your cite.
    Thank you for encouraging everyone to donate to the Red Cross relief fund and for donating one of your beautiful quilts.

    My tracking # is


  5. Kathie L

    Even without your incentive, I would have donated, but thanks for bringing the Red Cross to people’s attention. My tracking nubmer is 1555-8047-1-4384709-4822635

  6. Mary Post author

    For Kathy Nyman — check Gmail for her email address.


  7. marsha m

    I have made a donation in honor of my friend Junco who is safe in Japan 1555-8047-1-4029452-4417438

  8. marsha m

    We made a donation greater than $100 As someone previously said we would have done this anyway. Thank you for doing this

  9. Marjorie Devlin

    This is my second post as you instructed if the donation was over $50. I can only imagine what these families are going though. First an earthquake, then a huge, huge wall of water, now cold weather and snow, and of course radiation. I can’t even begin to imagine….


  10. Pat Chubb

    Me again – I donated $50 so here is my second entry to try to win the beautiful quilt so I can send it along to Quilters Newsletter Magazine for the quilt drive for Japan.

  11. Pam

    We made a donation to the Red Cross of $100 and that will be matched by the company my husband works for. Tracking number 1555-8047-1-4543201-5024321 John & Pam Bennett

  12. Cecile

    Wow. Do a good thing, get a chance to win a good thing. Mary, You’re the BEST!!!
    Hope all’s well. New job is keeping me almost to busy to quilt… Still getting a little done!
    Visa Check Card 7353 – AM RED CROSS DONAT 800-797-8022 DC $50.00

  13. Cecile

    Oh! And with Living Social: You donate with them, and they match a $5. It’s not much, but brings my total to $60! 🙂 – HMI*LIVINGSOCIAL WASHINGTON DCUS $5.00-

  14. Cynthia Hogan

    Thank you for encouraging and reminding us to help Japan recover from this horrible disaster. Tracking Code: 1555-8047-1-4609585-5096747

  15. Cynthia Hogan

    I donated $50 so this is my second entry.
    Tracking Code: 1555-8047-1-4609585-5096747

  16. Evelyn

    Hi Mary – thanks for offering up such a beautiful quilt to encourage donations! I just did a $50 donation (1555-8047-1-4629889-5119236). Thanks for the opportunity to show my support!

  17. Kathie L

    Like you, I am heartsick about the tragedies in Japan. I have a friend in Tokyo that I worry about. She’s OK, but suffering along with her countrymen. I donated $100 to the Red Cross. My tracking number is 1555-8047-1-4384709-4822635. Thanks for offering your beautiful gift as an incentive. Kathie L in Allentown

  18. Mary Post author

    Entry for Gloria Mauno — see comment on 3/25 post for email.

    What a great idea. Here’s is my tracking code 1555-8047-1-4660119-5152638. I did donate $100 so will be entering again. Thanks!

  19. Mary Post author

    2nd entry for Gloria

    This is for my second entry, here’s the tracking code again 1555-8047-1-4660119-5152638

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