Finishing up March

A few goals to finish out the month — a couple to bind, a couple to quilt, and I need to finish the top in progress on the design wall.

Today I worked on binding. This HeartStrings  top (pieced by May) is finished and the second is in progress.

10 thoughts on “Finishing up March

  1. Kay

    Thank you so much for doing these quilts. I love your stripey bindings and have started incorporating them on the children’s quilts I do for our prayer quilt group. I also have to admit that I now love to hand finish the back of the bindings. It gives me so much peace in the world’s stresses.

  2. Pat Chubb

    I have to say AMEN to the ladies above about the stripey bindings. I especially keep my eyes peeled for stripey fabric on sale now – and if it’s diagonal stripe – bonus!

  3. wilmanc1

    I bound one, and put another heartstrings on the frame to quilt. I had 4 to finish, and 2 down!!! I use scrappy bindings most of the time. When I have binding left over from projects, I sew them to this big roll I have, so i always have a bunch made up. They work well for the strings.

  4. anna

    I love your string quilts- They are so fun looking- the seaweed design really adds movement to the quilt. You are one busy lady and must feel happy at the things that you have accomplished.
    I do stop and read your blog often – just not much time to comment.

  5. Sheila

    Beautiful quilt. Love heart string quilts and love the stripey binding on this one!
    I read you blog daily. I should comment more often, forgive me, but please know that I enjoy your blog very much.

  6. Donna O

    I love the color combinations of this quilt and the simplicity of using the same scraps to make the blocks. I’ll be on the lookout for stripe binding as well.

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