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Sashing quilts

I always find sashing a challenge or maybe a pain is a more accurate description  so you’ll notice that not many of my quilts have traditional sashing and when I do it, I like to incorporate it into my block piecing. I had a question about how I’ll do that so this is how I’ll assemble my Fruit & Vegi quilt.

Here’s a drawing of the overall quilt although it’s just for demonstration purposes and my quilt will have more blocks and rows.

I’ll make 3 different blocks. The majority of blocks will have the sashing on the right and bottom sides. The last block in the rows will have sashing on the bottom only. And the last row will have sashing on the right side only …except for the last block in the quilt which will have no sashing. I know it sounds complicated but really it isn’t.

Once I have my blocks made with the sashing, I prefer to sew them together in 4 block sections rather than in one long row.

Those larger blocks then get sewn together and the last row is added.

Once all the rows are together, I’ll add a 2 inch finished border. In case you’re wondering about my other measurements, my blocks are cut 4.5 inches, my sashing 2 x 4.5 inches, and the cornerstones are cut 2 inches.

And just to make it more interesting … rather than handle a bunch of 2 inch cut squares, I’ll strip piece my cornerstones with the right side sashing. I’ll cut and sew short strip sets with a 4.5 inch brown strip and a 2 inch fruit or vegi fabric and then subcut those into 2 inch strips.

Have I completely confused you?

I didn’t intend to start a new project

I’m not even sure when I’m going to actually sew this quilt I’m calling Fruit & Vegi – certainly not before I assemble the HeartStrings top that’s in progress on the design wall – but I got a new die for my Accuquilt GO and decided I wanted to try it out. I use a lot of 2 and 4 inch components in my quilting so when they came out with a die with multiple 4 inch finished squares (4 on the die) I decided I needed it.

I’ve had this fat quarter bundle for at least 3-4 years and even found a pattern in one of my books that was perfect for them — so I cut out all my squares last night. It was so nice to cut 12/16 squares at a time but I was having to snip more uncut threads/places than usual. I’m hoping it’s just the breaking in process for the die because I love how quick this was (even with the extra snipping). Once the die is broken in, I should be able to cut 6 layers – 24 squares with one pass of the die.

Here’s the quilt I’m going to make – from the book Bundles of Fun. Of course, I’m going to modify it some starting with the fact that I’m using a different size square. I’ll probably also use a 2 inch finished border of the brown rather than the sashed border. Unlike the book instructions, I’ll also construct my sashing as part of my blocks rather than sewing long rows together.

Not so happy with this one

I haven’t used this pantograph in years but thought it would work …. while I love the individual motif shape, I’m not impressed with how it looks on the overall quilt. Hopefully once it’s washed and has that little bit of shrinkage, the individual motifs will stand out better.

Top was pieced by Mom. Pantograph is Paperchase.

My last MN snow?

I couldn’t stay locked inside!

Maybe I’ll get some quilting done tonight when Keith goes to bed.

Helping Japan

Want to send a quilt? Check out this post – Quilter’s Newsletter is collecting quilts to send.
Quilts for Japan

Want to donate money?
Donate to the Red Cross and you could win one of my quilts…to keep for yourself, to gift to someone special, to donate. A donation of $10 or more to the Red Cross makes you eligible.
Help Japan – Win this quilt

From rain to snow

It started as rain but it’s probably our last snow of the season — they’re only calling for an inch or two but I’m happy to see it one last time!

One more binding

Well, I didn’t get that quilt loaded but I did finish the binding on this HeartStrings top pieced by LauraJean. It’s quilted with my freehand Baptist Fans.

More cleaning

So far not the most fun day around here  … cleaning, sorting, piecing a backing … but I’m going to sit for a while and work on another binding and then maybe load that top of Mom’s that’s in the photo.

See how neat under my longarm is? I’ve sorted through all my pantographs and finally have them separated into two bins — one for the ones I use and the other for those I don’t — mostly because they are larger and I had them for the first longarm. I guess I think one day I may upsize again but not if we keep moving.

I keep seeing photos of flowers being posted but there are no signs of spring around here unless you count the snow melting as one. Yesterday was a cool, misty day but Keith and I got out for a walk along the river anyway.

I had my tea this morning in my Ireland cup but there won’t be new cups from Copenhagen and Berlin next week — Keith’s business trip was canceled and we had to cancel the vacation portion of the trip too as he needs to be here in the US that week. I try not to be disappointed when things change since it’s his job that allows us to travel so much.

March’s UFO is done

With plenty of time to spare, I’ve finished my quilt this month for Judy’s UFO challenge. This is a QOV that I’ll ship to Alycia and you can find instructions on my website if you’d like to make your own quick and easy version.

A Day for Quilter’s

Happy National Quilting Day

Did you quilt today? I did some binding and pieced battings together, not the most exciting tasks but I try to do something quilty most days.