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Too much wine??

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I’m not sure what made me feel the need to comment on “honesty” in blogging … Maybe it was that 3rd glass of wine last night and I wasn’t even that clear on what I was reacting to … It wasn’t that someone had 400+ comments but that anyone thought the blog post was particularly unique.

They must not follow the same group of blogs that I do – all of which I consider real and honest!

So check back later today when I’ll have some actual content versus commentary to share, we’re going on another hike and there will be more photos of family and nature!

Get a life

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Really, I somehow ended up on a blog with over 400 comments because someone posted what she “really” thought and everyone thought that was so unique. Seriously, why blog if you’re not being honest? Not being yourself? So how many of you will comment here — I bet not 400 of you.

Safe and sound

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Chesty and I were nervous with the storms coming through last night. ( Keith was out of town of course!!)


We moved to the downstairs and put a few supplies in the large interior closet just in case we needed to take shelter….of course, i had no flashlights or radios in the house so I need to pick up a few emergency supplies I think!!



Of course, I haven’t spent much time down there so it was kind of nice to scope out the rooms and think about where I might end up putting all my quilting supplies.

The best of both worlds

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I love living downtown Minneapolis and being able to walk everywhere but being here in the North Georgia mountains and driving along tree lined windy roads is fun too.

They’re calling for severe storms this afternoon and evening and the sky looked threatening when I drove into Jasper to register the car….I love storms but I hope no tree branches get thrown around.