34 thoughts on “It’s our anniversary

  1. Cyndi Holguin

    How wonderful. Congratulations. May you have many more years of fun and laughter. Happy Anniversary.

  2. Teresa F.

    Congratulations Mary & Keith! May the next 22 years be as wonderful as the past 22 have been for you! How nice that your anniversary fell during your vacation to GA so you can spend it with family.

  3. Marilyn

    Happy Anniversary and many more years of love and laughter. Good to hear
    you had a safe and memorable trip to Marietta. Enjoy your time with
    your family.

  4. Alison in the UK

    Congratulations, that’s wonderful, and a great picture! It’s my anniversary tomorrow, 1 year married, but 21 years together :).

  5. sue

    Have a wonderful anniversary! It’s my birthday today (along with Queen Elizabeth!) so we’ll all celebrate together…although I’m sure the Queen’s celebration will be a bit more reserved than either of ours!

  6. Geri Faivre

    Happy Anniversary and many more! Glad you enjoyed you drive and made it there safely. Happy Easter!

  7. Lori in Tucson

    Oh that is so wonderful. It’s so nice to read about happy marriages. Happy Anniversary.

  8. Dianne King

    As they say in Oz, HAPPY ANNO, Mary! Hope you had a spectacular day, and that the coming years will just get better and better.

  9. laurie

    YAY!!! Congrats to you Mary! It’s not easy being married that long to the same person but it’s worth the work and energy!!!

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