I couldn’t resist

I’m relaxing today but I couldn’t resist running downstairs and measuring the room that may be become my longarm room here in GA just to make sure it’s big enough. I was thrilled to see I’ll have extra length (more than I have now in MN) and a little more width than I need too.

Terrible photo I know but it’s a long skinny room and it’s got a sitting area just outside that will be perfect for the sewing room…..and I won’t have to run up and down three stories to go from sewing room to longarm room!


6 thoughts on “I couldn’t resist

  1. Cyndi Holguin

    So cool. Does it have a wonderful view out that window? Hey I am so excited I am going to see my grandkids tomorrow I have not seen them in 3 years and they only live 5 hours from my house but because of John’s illness and dialysis schedule we had not been able to go and we are going tomorrow for 3 days atleast. Have fun measuring for stuff. I will catch up sometime this weekend.

  2. Anna H.

    Hi, I’ve been on a Virginia college roadtrip with my daughter and am just now catching up on quilting news and blogs. Are you moving back to Georgia? It sure would have a lot less snow than Minnesota! I will be sewing some patriotic string blocks today to send to the local Quilts of Valor group. Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. Marilyn

    I can feel your happiness! So very happy for you. Like Hannibal on the A Team tv program used to say “It’s great when a plan comes together!”

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