A little hiking

Chris took us up to Neels Gap so I could set foot on the Appalachian Trail and then we went to DeSoto Falls.



3 thoughts on “A little hiking

  1. laurie

    I’m sooooooo jealous that you are in shorts/tshirts! But today it should feel like spring here in Mpls! Happy Easter to you and your family Mary!

  2. Sue

    Happy Easter, Mary and also to your family. Looks like your having a great time. Like Laurie said, we’re up to 56 already here in Mpls! Have a wonderful time in GA – it really does look like fun.

  3. Flatlander (Linda)

    Warm, sunny weather … just looking at pictures of it has improved my spirits. I’ve put on my water wings … we’ve had rain, rain, rain and the prediction for the next 10 days is …. rain, rain, rain {{{sigh}}}

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