I found one

I haven’t been looking too hard but while Chris and I were out running errands, I checked at Best Buy and they had the 32 GB (WiFi) iPad2 in stock and while I’d intended to buy the 64GB After checking and finding out that I was only using 16 GB of the current one, decided to go ahead and get it.

I’ll pass the other one down to Keith.


8 thoughts on “I found one

  1. laurie

    YAY!!! Have fun…Steve and I LOVE the face chat when he’s travelling. I know that won’t work with you and Keith but maybe someday…

  2. Flatlander (Linda)

    The 32 GB (WiFi) is absolutely perfect for anyone (actually more than they’ll need) unless … UNLESS … they plan to download and store a LOT of movies, tunes, etc. The MEDIA-type stuff is what takes up all the space. Good for you … enjoy!

  3. Marlene

    I’ve been using my daughter’s for a while now (she’s a librarian and I checked it out there) and really love it but the price is, I think, still a little steep for me. I’m saving up for one. 🙂 blessings, marlene

  4. Alison in the UK

    Hee hee, I too am drooling over these. I didn’t think I needed one until my brother visited with his (iPad 1) that he wants me to buy from him so he can buy a 2. Not sure I’m following his logic … 🙂

  5. Jo

    Good for you! I went ahead w the 64gb. I love it! Don’t know if I’ll ever need all the space… Justnused open table to ,ake dinner reservations – the apps are great,

  6. Karen

    Don’t you just love it? DH got my the iPad2 knowing how I loved the first one, bought the first day those were out:). I have the 64gb just cuz if I didn’t, I woud need it down the road. I’m actually thinking of doing a regular iPad feature on my blog. I wish I got commissions on these things, I sell a lot for them! LOL

  7. kathie

    can I ask you why do you love the ipad more than a laptop????
    really curious! do you carry a laptop with you when you travel as well?

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