The best of both worlds

I love living downtown Minneapolis and being able to walk everywhere but being here in the North Georgia mountains and driving along tree lined windy roads is fun too.

They’re calling for severe storms this afternoon and evening and the sky looked threatening when I drove into Jasper to register the car….I love storms but I hope no tree branches get thrown around.



5 thoughts on “The best of both worlds

  1. Ann

    Mary, seeing your photos makes me long for green grass and trees with leaves. I am not so fond of warm weather storms though. They are predicting a chance of snow flurries in the Twin Cities area. I hope they are wrong. Sure looks like you are having a wonderful trip. By the time you get back to Minnesota we hopefully will be more seasonal than we are now. Safe travels.

  2. Judy Laquidara

    Oh, those skies look pretty threatening. You’ve definitely had the best of two worlds with the city living and now the north GA area. Hope the worst of the weather misses your area.

  3. Penny

    Glad your trip has been so enjoyable! City living is convienent but I love rural living. We live rural on one and a half acres in a small town but we do have part- time Police, Doctor (not very good though), Chemist, two Pubs (Hotel -beer drinking places), and a small supermarket but well stocked. Our street is dirt and tree lined similar to your photo, and yes we do have trees coming down from time to time which is dangerous but thank goodness no one has been hurt as yet! The quiet, peacefulness, and not having neighbours a arms width away is what we enjoy by living rural. Enjoy the quiet!!

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