How cute is this?

Adam sent me this photo today, I’m hoping they get back to visit one more time before we head home.


18 thoughts on “How cute is this?

  1. Pat McGuire

    Is that cuteness or what? Time has gone by so fast. Hard to believe you have been a grandma for a year. It’s fun, isn’t it?

  2. Ann

    Oh my gosh what a cutie pie. Love that smile. Glad to hear you are all okay down there. Not a fan of those storms, I usually head to our basement when it gets stormy. We did get those snow flakes last night but tonight is sunny and bright and tomorrow we will be close to 70. Hope you get to see that sweetie pie another time while you are down there.

  3. Elaine Adair

    Oh Mary – you are a showoff! I would be also!

    He’s a doll, the photo is wonderful, and I LOVE the little new teeth peeking out. He definitely looks a lot like YOU! What a little treasure. 8-)))

  4. Cyndi Holguin

    Oh my has it been a year already? I love his little teeth. He is just so handsome and cute as a bug on a rug. 😀

  5. Flatlander (Linda)

    Wow … I see more and more of his grandmother in his face every time you post a picture … he’s ADORABLE!!

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