Safe and sound

Chesty and I were nervous with the storms coming through last night. ( Keith was out of town of course!!)


We moved to the downstairs and put a few supplies in the large interior closet just in case we needed to take shelter….of course, i had no flashlights or radios in the house so I need to pick up a few emergency supplies I think!!



Of course, I haven’t spent much time down there so it was kind of nice to scope out the rooms and think about where I might end up putting all my quilting supplies.

14 thoughts on “Safe and sound

  1. ImperaMagna

    The storm you all got last night are rolling through central NC right now… pretty scary.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the all the folks who were in harm’s way last night.. and again today…

  2. Marillyn Smith

    I was very concerned for you and a dear friend near Huntsville, AL. Glad you got thru the night safe and sound. I can’t believe the total devastation that has occurred.

  3. Teresa F.

    Ah Mary, glad to hear you are okay. Was there any damage near you? When I went to bed it looked like a really bad storm was going thru your area.

    Funny that while you were ‘confined’ you were able to do some room planning. Nothing like multi-tasking, huh?

  4. San

    I see you have your caffeine all ready! Good plan. Don’t forget to pick up a headband flashlight. They come in real handy when you need to type on your ipad or sew down a binding.

  5. Karen

    Mary, I’m so glad that you and Chesty are safe and sound and hope you remain so. Those were horrendous storms from what I have seen on t.v. So many losses of homes, etc., but to think that more than 200 didn’t survive. That is quite scary! Be safe!

    Hugs, Karen

  6. Debbie

    Glad you are safe, too. Hopefully, you have gone and got your supplies by now! This weather is so frightening! Stay safe.

  7. Cathy

    See now if you had been back here in Minneapolis you would have seen some snow flakes. I think I might have been happier to be here with snow than those horrible storms.

  8. Deb Praus

    So glad you were okay, I kept checking the weather channel and it sounded nasty, but it did not look then as if you were getting the worst of it! So relieved. You know they(being the overly paid weathermen) are predicting that as soon as it warms up here, we will be in for the same! Sigh, and I do love a good storm, but enough is enough. Lucy(Cairn Terrier) is not handling the storms as well as when she was younger. We are going to try Melatonin for her!!!

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