Get a life

Really, I somehow ended up on a blog with over 400 comments because someone posted what she “really” thought and everyone thought that was so unique. Seriously, why blog if you’re not being honest? Not being yourself? So how many of you will comment here — I bet not 400 of you.

41 thoughts on “Get a life

  1. Paula

    I don’t like raw onions. I like them cooked, but not raw. How’s that for honesty? Otherwise, I too try to be honest on my blog. I think sometimes I’m too honest. 🙂

  2. Kelly

    I’ll comment although I’m more of a lurker. I read your blog through google reader on my phone so often I can’t comment but I always look forward to your posts 🙂

  3. lynley

    Isn’t it odd? I didn’t know everyone was feeling so constrained in quilty-blog world. Do you think some people think about things too much 🙂

  4. Nancy Parisi

    Well, I like raw onions, so there. 400 posts….I wonder if the original poster read through them all. Life is strange, sometimes.

    The following math better not get anymore complicated than it is…or I am in serious trouble.

  5. BizzyLizzy

    Now I am sooooo curious about where you were reading when you saw this!!

    I’m like Kelly, I read through Google Reader and usually don’t comment unless I specifically visit you blog page. But I read every post and look forward to my daily fix!

  6. Carmen

    I love your posts! I too am a lurker, and new to the quilting community so, I just read and try to keep my mouth shut. I found in life you learn so much that way.:-)

  7. Flatlander (Linda)

    I comment when there is something in my head worth saying; otherwise I just read and enjoy.

  8. martha

    I am honest on my blog. Mostly. Sometimes I think if I am really honest no one will like I edit and try to stay non controversial. but it is probably more boring than if I were unedited. that is honest.o well.
    i have to say I enjoy reading both happy non controversial blogs as well as unfiltered. Perhaps there is a place for both.

  9. Peggy

    I am honest in what I do and write. I try to limit my blog to quilts and some pics of my grandchildren. If I am angry or sad I don’t write about it on my blog, or if I do I delete it pretty quickly. I believe that what we focus on is important.

  10. Marlene

    I think a lot of people were just fed up with the controversy and the condescension they were reading so they took that opportunity to sound off. I guess everyone needs to vent occasionally. My vent today – at my grandson’s soccer game yesterday I watched a family bring in a beautiful antique quilt, throw it on the ground and sit on it during the game. I wanted to explain to them the hundreds of hours that went into the quilt and then take it home with me! I decided stealing a quilt at a church soccer game wasn’t exactly the example I needed to set. 🙂 blessings, marlene

  11. Lindsey F.

    I know the blog to which you are referring. One of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much is that you are honest. I feel like I have gotten to know you and would love to meet you for tea sometime!

  12. dee mc donald

    I try always to be honest on my blog and in life in general. I think it would get mentally too confusing not to be honest. How could you keep track of all that you made up? The truth would have to come calling at some point. This past year I have found that being too honest would have been depressing for my readers. Since Roger’s death, I find I censor myself a lot to avoid sounding needy and being a drag. I have a private blog/journal for the whiney days. So I’m not lying, I’m just editing. Blogs are supposed to be fun and helpful. Yours is always both of those things. Thanks Mary.

  13. Beverley

    While trying to be very honest, I also try not to offend unnecessarily. I think that you are honest Mary, and if we lived nearby, we would enjoy afternoon tea together now and then.
    Bev in Britain.

  14. Mary Ann Tate

    Life is too short not to tell it like it is. Secretly in my mind I want to have lots of comments on my blog to know people are reading and looking at my quilting, but when I saw 400 comments I said “be careful what you wish would you deal with all those comments?”
    Love your blog, Mary!

  15. char

    I read that also. Don’t get it. I’m always honest. It’s one of the things I’ve tried to teach my daughter.

    On a side note, I sure am glad those math problems are simple or some of us wouldn’t be able to comment! LOL

  16. Mary-Kay

    Hey, I was one of them. I thought some of the comments were funny, laugh out loud funny. I can’t believe what some of them were saying. Who cares what other people think? And if it’s your blog, can’t you post whatever you want? Isn’t that the point? And how does a reader know if you”re not being honest? Is there some kind of dishonesty filter on their computer that filters out all the bad blogs? Okay I’ve said enough. I read your blog every time you post because I like what your quilts, what you write about and I do the math too. It’s the only math I can do without the calculator.

  17. Nancy

    I censure what I put on my blog – nothing controversial is posted: I post those thoughts on a private blog. The public blog is too “public” for those thoughts.

  18. Judy D

    I only post things that I don’t care if other people know about. Private stuff is just that, it’s private. But I’d really like to know where to find that blog with all the comments because I love to read other people’s opinions. 🙂 And boy howdy, do they have them….

  19. Laurie

    Oh man! And I though I missed a giveaway!! LOL! Hang in there and just be yourself – even us “lurkers” love the way you are 🙂

  20. Carolyn

    Wow, 400 comments? I’d love to read what she said! I don’t post much anymore, but it’s always honest! I prefer to keep controversy off of my blog…there’s too much in real life!

  21. WonkyGirl

    Guess I missed the point of blogging when starting my blog. I intended for it to be more of a journal of my quilting and other hobby stuff. Really never thought about people ever following my blog, but it’s fun to find others who enjoy what I enjoy.

    Your blog is full of inspiration for me, that’s why I follow. Hope it is ok if I don’t comment a lot.

  22. Terry

    Hi Mary,

    I have loved your blog since I started reading it; must be the honesty :0)

    I have always appreciated the patterns and help you have willingly given. Keep up the good work!


  23. Robin (RsIslandCrafts)

    While I do blog honestly I also filter my blog. I prefer not to be controversial or overly negative. I just don’t want to bring all that negativity into my life.

    I LOVE raw onions and cooked. When I was growing up my Grandfather and I used to eat raw onion sandwiches.

  24. Gina

    Not sure wth you’re talking about, however Imma bout as real as it gets? You can have all the dang wine u want:)

  25. Mary W

    I agree with Wonkygirl. I started my blog as a journal or diary for myself of what I do, and where I go. I was surprised too when people started to “follow” me. I love it, and as far as I know, have never posted a dishonest word on it. I love to read yours, You are always interesting. Sometimes I comment and sometimes I don’t.
    I guess I have just added towards your 400???

  26. Darlene B

    Sure wish I knew what blog you were referring to! I appreciate your blog and your honesty. I can tell you are a very genuine down-to-earth person based on how you write. (And you’re very talented, too!)

  27. Camilla

    Well, the post that started the “dumbing down of quilting” storm was very equivalent to the content of many of the stitchedincolor comments.

    The authors of the “dumbing down of quilting” thread got pretty much raked over the coals for it; I suspect that many of the people venting on stitchedincolor fear that if they put that stuff out there on their own blog, they’ll be similarly treated, whereas once a few biggies have vented, there’s safety in numbers.

  28. Sheila

    Honesty shouldn’t be unique, for cryin’ out loud. Don’t know what post that was, but some things are all about drama to me.

    But just because every thought, rant, or rave isn’t posted on someone’s blog doesn’t mean they are being dishonest either. Not everyone is in the same position in life to be able to do so even if they wanted to.

  29. PJ

    Honestly, the only reason I’m commenting on this subject is to add to your comment count. Though I love reading both blogs and comments, when they get too judgmental I retreat to read another’s that is all about herself/himself and their work only. I do enjoy opinions though. Oh no, there’s math???

  30. Marilyn

    Opinions, opinions, everybody has them! LOL I am also adding to your comment count. LOL A fellow quilter brought a quilt to show everyone this past Wednesday. She made the comment that she guessed she had messed up and should have put it together differently. I told her it was her quilt and she could do whatever she wanted with it and it was pretty. That’s what it’s all about!

  31. Tanya

    That’s so funny. Well, I’m 40th in line so I guess you got 1/10th of the number of comments. Honestly!

  32. Michelle

    My honesty in quilting is doing what I like to do. I don’t really see a need to go on and on about things I dislike. I love your blog.

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