Full disclosure

We had our picnic and then a leisurely hike….we did not hike all the way to the inn or Springer Mountain.

Also, Keith demonstrated just how uncoordinated he is for us.


4 thoughts on “Full disclosure

  1. Robin (RsIslandCrafts)

    I like that the sign tells you about how long the hike is going to take you. If I saw 4.8 miles I might think OK that’s not too bad. But if I saw 3 hours one way I would rethink that hike lol.

  2. Lisa

    I was thinking the same as Robin… mileage not so bad but that is almost an hour per mile… thinking it must be kind of tough hiking like lots of hills or what have you? I’m so used to flat FL land that takes much less time to go that far 😉

  3. Sandra Clarke

    Hi Mary, I have hiked up to the Hike Inn 2 times. The first time I did ok, but last summer I did it again and was so out of shape and it was so hot that day. I did make it and we spent night both times. It is a beautiful place.

  4. Beverley

    We don’t have hiking times in Britain generally, but they did in Switzerland around the Interlaken area. These are the Bernese Oberlands, where the Jungfrau, Eiger and Schilthorn are……the revolving restaurant in the Bond movie! They All had average hiking times, which allowing loads of stops for water and photos, we were average. I think if we’d got a shimmy on and hot footed it we would have been much quicker, but then you miss the wildlife.

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