Too much wine??

I’m not sure what made me feel the need to comment on “honesty” in blogging … Maybe it was that 3rd glass of wine last night and I wasn’t even that clear on what I was reacting to … It wasn’t that someone had 400+ comments but that anyone thought the blog post was particularly unique.

They must not follow the same group of blogs that I do – all of which I consider real and honest!

So check back later today when I’ll have some actual content versus commentary to share, we’re going on another hike and there will be more photos of family and nature!

8 thoughts on “Too much wine??

  1. Kathie L.

    400 comments on anything is strange as most of them must be, yea I agree and stuff like that that isn’t worth posting. Hope one of thoses glass of wine was for me!!!

  2. Becky

    I read several of those posts. I know that I don’t put my TRUE feelings out in my blog unless it’s really something that gets under my skin. My thought is what is the point, people don’t know me from an unfinished quilt (or lump of dirt whichever is easier to visualize). Oh well. Guess it was a good way from them to see who out there might be reading their blog.

  3. Sheila

    I agree with you… I don’t read blogs I feel tend toward fakeness [or wannabes or those that seem intended to drive up business(es)]. Click… poof!

  4. Patty

    Okay this is my second comment because I hit enter instead of answering your question. I guess I’m honest not just the brightest bulb in the pack.(lol) I read the blogs I enjoy and I’m as honest on my blog as I am in my life. I’ve never thought about being dishonest and I’ve never thought that the blogs that I read are dishonest. I guess it’s not in my nature.

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