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I found one

I haven’t been looking too hard but while Chris and I were out running errands, I checked at Best Buy and they had the 32 GB (WiFi) iPad2 in stock and while I’d intended to buy the 64GB After checking and finding out that I was only using 16 GB of the current one, decided to go ahead and get it.

I’ll pass the other one down to Keith.


I couldn’t resist

I’m relaxing today but I couldn’t resist running downstairs and measuring the room that may be become my longarm room here in GA just to make sure it’s big enough. I was thrilled to see I’ll have extra length (more than I have now in MN) and a little more width than I need too.

Terrible photo I know but it’s a long skinny room and it’s got a sitting area just outside that will be perfect for the sewing room…..and I won’t have to run up and down three stories to go from sewing room to longarm room!


Home sweet vacation home!

We love visiting Chris but there’s just something nice about walking into your own place that says welcome home! We’re at Big Canoe now and everything is so green. Quite a big difference from Minneapolis!


Lunch with Chris

Lunch at Marietta Square and then back home where Chesty was waiting.



It’s our anniversary

22 years and we’re still having fun!


I made it

It took me 10 hours but for the most part it was a nice drive down to Marietta.

Having grown up in VA and living there for the first 28 years of my life to all the years driving back and forth from FL to visit Mom, to the drive down I-85 to GA and arriving in Marietta…it was a day of memories.

I love Minneapolis but I really am an East Coast girl!


Chris picked Keith and Chesty up at the airport and they arrived shortly after I did.

Breaking it in

It’s time to leave VA to meet Chesty and Keith in GA. They’re flying there today and and I’m getting ready to set off on a road trip with the new car..just, my music, and the open road!

Mom and I didn’t have much time this trip but we did cut out a quilt for Chris. He wants a Spiderweb quilt from my website so I reworked it a bit ….this photo is just in two colors but the blocks will be multi-colored and the sashing will be brown.


Dinner out

Last night we went to dinner with my brother and my nephew and his wife who have a new baby!




To the garden center

Mom bought tomato plants and I got her a couple plants for Mother’s day. Isn’t this a neat bonsai tree?


Something new

With the move, I would need to have a car in GA so I had made plans to buy a little Chevy Cruze from my brother (he manages a Chevy dealership) and in spite of the uncertainty, we decided to go ahead with the purchase because a) the chance of us moving is still 80% and b) we’ve been talking about getting a car down there for our visits anyway. Hopefully, it was the right choice.