May’s UFO challenge quilt

Judy’s drawn #9 for May’s UFO – This one will be easy! A HeartStrings Logo quilt – it will get a quick overall freehand or a pantograph which is good because I have a busy May planned.


10 thoughts on “May’s UFO challenge quilt

  1. Kathie L.

    Love the colors in this one. glad you have an easy project with all you have going on.

  2. Anna H.

    I first learned to make this easy, quick block from you, Mary. Now I have been making tons for a quilting group in Germantown, MD, which makes Quilts of Valor and quilts for sick kids. I have been trying to whittle down my stash of patriotic and kid fabrics as my husband told me that in summer 2012, after our daughter goes off to college, we will sell our big house in Loudoun County and move to a smaller one in Reston. I don’t want to have to PAY someone to move my fabric which I’ve had for years, when I should really be using it up for good causes. So again, thanks for the continued inspiration.

  3. Pat Chubb

    Love the turquoise! I was at a sewing retreat this last weekend, and one of my projects was a quick strippy quilt (from your pattern site). So many people wanted the pattern, I was giving out your website left and right. One woman had her iPad there so she was surfing your pattern site and showing the great patterns on there – it was a big hit. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration – and free patterns!

  4. Pat

    I too, love the colors in this quilt. I still have yet to make a heart string quilt. It will be gorgeous when completed. Gotta love strings!

  5. Nancy

    Beautiful – it’s been a long time since you shown a Heart Strings top, but this one was worth the wait.

  6. Cyndi Holguin

    I just want to say Thank You so much for your inspiration. I taught my Granddaughter Becca how to Heart String then she taught her friend. I also taught my granddaughter Caitlin to Heart String and she has taught her mother, a teacher and 2 of her friends. they love your site. I went to visit Caitlin for Easter and her friends were there with her sewing away. they are making them with used clothing and will be donating then to the local hospital for the newborn unit. She said they are donating them in your name and Grandpa John I am so proud of them all. and Thank you from all of them and me they are having so much fun and doing a great thing.

  7. Sheila

    This quilt is stunning! Love the dark colors. Love your heart strings quilts and your quilts of valor.
    Our Linus Project group has met once and I gave your website address to some of the ladies there.
    Thank you for generously posting your quilt patterns and sharing your quilting ideas.

  8. Lynne Inwald

    I adore your quilts and have learned so much from you. I am sorry you had a run of thread breakage but I will admit being relieved to hear it happens to a veteran like you. That will see me through the next time it happens to me – and it will.

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