My Design Process – part four

I look at a lot of blocks, I study how they’re structured and then head to EQ to simplify, change the size, or even draft my own variation.

I love tree quilts and have one on my list to make — one day. In the meantime, I’ve looked at many, many variations knowing that the one I would make eventually would be a simpler version than most.

One of the best reason for learning to use quilting software is to draft or change blocks.

So here’s my tree block – doesn’t it remind you of apple trees? I can’t guarantee that it’s not like another block somewhere out there but it’s not one I’ve copied from anywhere. No fussy templates, just squares and a few half square triangles.


Of course it will be set on point but now that I’m home, I’ll draw this block in EQ where it will be easier to look at sashing and overall quilt size.


7 thoughts on “My Design Process – part four

  1. SaraF

    I have been enjoying your design process posts. I have EQ6, and need to get more creative with it. I have barely touched the surface of what it can do.

  2. Dianne King

    Beautiful, Mary…it will make a lovely quilt. I once made a tree block as part of a sampler quilt, and it was fiddly, though not difficult. I think your idea of making a simplified block is really brilliant, though…simplicity, clarity and taste…a winning combination, just like you!

  3. Sue

    I really like this block! It does look like apple trees. I do have EQ7 – it’s finding the time to use it I lack. As always, though, you encouraged me. Thanks

  4. vicki boschman

    really am enjoying these blogs! love, love, love the tree quilt and like the others but am a little overwhelmed on how to chose colors that go together.

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