My Design Process – Part Five

While the iPad is great for drafting on the go or capturing a idea for later, I always head to EQ7 when I’m planning the actual quilt.

I took the Apple Tree block that I was playing with on the iPad from yesterday’s post and quickly redrafted it in EQ7.


I’m thinking a 16 inch block right now although you could certainly downsize it to 8 or 12 inches if you wanted by changing my 2 inch grid to a 1 inch for an 8 inch block or 1.5 inches for a 12 inch block.

By plugging my block size in a diagonal setting with sashing and adding a couple borders, I easily see that a twin size quilt could look like this.

However, those setting triangles are pretty big because of the size of my block so while I’ve never done pieced setting triangles, I pulled a log cabin block in from the block library, insert it into the setting triangles, rotate it and this is what I have.

From here, I can play with additional options like adding an inner white border. The beauty of working in EQ is that once you have your original idea – you can look at lots of different options easily without having to rework the entire quilt. I rarely make the first draft of any quilt.

I can also easily tweak my original block — what if I used 4 patches for the apples to give the quilt more interest.


As always, although I’m using only a few colors for the design process, I would make this quilt scrappy using many greens and reds.


8 thoughts on “My Design Process – Part Five

  1. Robin

    Mary, I am really enjoying your design process posts. Love the the last view of your setting triangles. You are always up to something fun.

  2. Brenda in Namibia

    Thanks for the insight into designing. I’ve never seen EQ at work. By the way, I’ve been thinking IQ must really stand for “Intelligent Quilt”!

  3. Vivian

    I know these posts are about your design process but wanted to make a comment about the design evolution. I really like your choice of the log cabin setting squares for this one. I think it really brings something unique to the standard tree block set (especially the addition of the blue). Look forward to seeing this one translated into the actual fabric! Will you cover that (scanning fabrics in)soon?

  4. Rachel

    I love that last version of the quilt. I may have to add it to my ever growing list of “to makes.”

    I have EQ6 and haven’t played with it much lately, but I love being able to save different versions of a quilt all in one place and look through them quickly.

  5. QuiltngMom

    I like the design you have you going so far. I was wondering though, what program are you using on the ipad for your drafting ideas?

  6. carol

    It’s TREEmendous.Definitely can see a scrappy one in my future. The 4 patch tweaks my interest too. Guess I know what I’m doing this Fall. Many thanks for your creativity Mary………..

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