My Design Process – part seven

Once my top is done – it’s time to think about the quilting. While I like pantographs and frequently use them, I usually audition quilting designs if I’m going to be doing freemotion quilting.

One of the very first quilts I shared on my website was my Quick Strippie – designed to be quick to piece so that I could practice my quilting on it when I first got my longarm. I’ve never liked loading muslin to practice and while I tried a few panels — these quilts were perfect for practicing both allover freehand designs and border and sashing designs. Once you’d quilted something in each of the strips – you had it down.

Prior to getting my iPad, I would repeatedly draw designs out on paper until I embedded them in my brain. Now I use the app Adobe Ideas and draw my designs either on a “whiteboard” or directly on my quilts. I can erase and redraw as many times as I want and save the designs I like.

Drawing on a photo of my quilt itself gives me an idea of how different options might look.

Auditioning designs for Caleb’s quilt last year – see how great these Strippie quilts are for practicing a number of designs?

Here’s a HeartStrings quilt that I auditioned different freemotion designs from the Pajama Quilter DVD’s

And finally, I was looking for a alternate block motif for the basket quilt my Mom pieced for me and after looking at Kim’s Just Leaf It book and drawing different variations – I came up with the perfect one for this quilt.

Even if you don’t have an iPad, you can practice drawing designs on paper or a whiteboard because if I can draw it, I can quilt it!

This was my drawing practice for a Chinese Coins quilt and I loved how the quilt turned out.

7 thoughts on “My Design Process – part seven

  1. char

    Thank you so much for sharing your process for machine quilting. I’ve had my Juki for almost a year and I’m still doing mostly meandering.

  2. selina

    I work on a computer all day, granted it’s just office stuff but I thought I knew alot. I had no idea these options were available out there. Thanks so much for sharing. wow.

  3. Helen in the UK

    I use the Adobe Ideas app after seeing you mention it on your blog previously. It’s great fun and so easy to try various ideas out before you commit the needle to fabric 🙂

  4. debrak

    Thanks for the link to Kim’s book. Very cool, I ordered it right away. Think I’ll whip up some strippies today. Good idea! I don’t like practicing in muslin either.

  5. Tanya

    Your quilting is so lovely. I’m not sure I can draw any more than I can quilt. Thanks for the idea for the string quilt. I’m having trouble quilting those.

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