Pat’s Shadow Star quilt

Most of my quilts are designed with the intention that they will end up as donations or occasionally gifts so I tend to design them in the sofa to twin size range.
Remember my Shadow Star?


I haven’t yet made mine or written the instructions but Pat took the block and border from my design and created this large 84 x 100 inch version for her sister. I think it’s gorgeous!


16 thoughts on “Pat’s Shadow Star quilt

  1. Sue

    That is a beauty! And quite the inspiration to get one of these at least started. I’ve got a picture of the pattern pinned to my bulletin board in my sewing room but haven’t started it yet. However, I am on my 4th Carpenter’s Wheel wallhanging!

  2. Kristy Wilkinson

    I can’t keep up! You have so many gorgeous quilt designs! As Jennifer said, just my color! purple! When are you writing those instructions? 🙂 Have a safe trip back home.

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