Home for a while!

I’m sitting in Boston’s airport on my way home. It will be 3 weeks before I travel again so I need to work on a list of goals for what I want to accomplish in that time.


4 Responses to “Home for a while!”

  • Sara:

    Your pictures from Boston were really nice. That is a city I have always wanted to visit, but haven’t yet. Good thing you were not trying to fly into MPLS this weekend. Between no power at the airport on Saturday and tornadoes yesterday – you may have been stranded at the Boston airport.

  • Gwen:

    Hope your trip home is uneventful. Do you know yet if you are moving? Have a good three weeks at home!

  • Dawn:

    Yeah! 3 weeks to do “stuff”!!!

  • Hello,
    Welcome back!
    Glad you had a nice, safe trip & your back home.
    My girls loved the ‘library’ looks like a ‘movie’! 🙂
    Wonder…what is the weather like in Boston?,
    like the mid-west?

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